A review for Legally Undead (Vampirarchy #1) by Margo Bond Collins

Legally Undead (Vampirarchy) (Volume 1) - Margo Bond Collins

Legally Undead is the first book in the ‘Vampirarchy’ series and it was a great introduction into the world of Elle Dupree as she becomes a vampire hunter by circumstance.
Elle is quite happy in her life, studying for her Ph.D. and planning her wedding to her fiancé Greg who is an up and coming lawyer…. Until she arrives home one evening and finds her fiancé in the clutches of a vampire who is currently sucking the life from him, instead of running from the apartment screaming, something clicks in Elle and she runs at the vampire with her trusty wooden letter opener and stakes the sucker! However, just as she does this, the door to her apartment is kicked in and a team of men with information of the attack burst in – they say they’re the clean-up crew but how on earth did they know when & where to turn up? Two things are for sure; 1. Greg’s body has vanished and 2. Elle’s life will never be the same again.
I really enjoyed Legally Undead and found it very easy to read and get into. Elle was a great character to read, you could tell that she was a natural to the life she was thrust into and whilst it did have an impact on her, she seemed to take it all in her stride. I liked her voice throughout the book, she has so many natural reactions that it would be easy to put yourself in her shoes and she injected some humour into the book for some ‘lol’ moments. I liked the team she met and I am curious about all of their stories, we touch a little on some of it but not enough for me and I would like to get to know them all better – Nick was a stand out for me and I liked the way he was there for Elle and how she was brought into the fold. I wasn’t too sold on Malcolm being the love interest, they didn’t seem to gel well enough for me and their intimate scenes didn’t hold a spark, I felt her connection to Nick a lot more and truly thought that he was the more obvious choice for a suitor.

I enjoyed the storyline a lot and even though the book had humour from Elle with her wit, it was actually quite a serious, violent book. The author gives us a slightly different take on vampires and these are by no means a friendly bunch –hence all of the staking- but this is just an introduction, through this you will discover that there are plans on both the vampire & human sides that give you an inkling of a series thread and what the series will be about. We are informed that at some point there was an alliance between the two and it went sour leaving bad blood between the opposing sides. Elle will be the one to investigate all of this in an effort to find out about what her former fiancé was up to but what she uncovers does not leave a good feeling and she questions all she previously knew about Greg, the firm he works for, Vampires, herself….. you name it and she will have to deal with it. What does become clear is that she has a knack for killing vampires, she is ruthless and instinctive and she ends up fitting in well with Nick’s team whose ultimate goal seems to be to bring down the ‘Vampirarchy’. So, if you like a fast paced UF that is exciting, humorous & violent, where the vampires really are a threat, then give this a go, it was great read! 
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