Storm Mistress (Others of Seattle #2) by Brandy L. Rivers

Storm Mistress (Others of Seattle Book 2) - Brandy L. Rivers

With each book by Brandy L Rivers, I always say it was the best so far because she always comes up with something different – even in the same series – and this is no exception! Way to open up the world they live in! This was brilliant!
We met Isa & Toryn in book one – Night’s Embrace – and Isa made an impact for me because she was seeing a character from that book but was clearly feeling something more for Toryn… but Toryn was seeing someone and that led Isa to believe he was only into men. So here we are with their story as things come to a head between them because it’s quite clear that something has to give in their friend zone relationship and that is just the beginning….I have to say, I wondered how they were going to be together because of Toryn’s relationship with Leon but that worked out perfectly and is part of Toryn’s secrets. In the beginning they are both mooning after each other, both loving the other but neither bold enough to make the first move. It is so hot when they do eventually get together, this couple will literally burn those sheets with passion and it’s clear that they are meant for each other, they feel right together and the relationship feels more real because of the bonds of friendship they shared beforehand. I loved how they came together and I love Isa’s need for independence and her acceptance of the changes in her life, this woman takes everything in her stride and the only thing that can scare her is losing Toryn. Toryn was so admirable because even though he is her protector, he still understood her need to look after herself and even though it goes against his feelings, he let her act on that.
 Toryn is hiding a few secrets from Isa, one being that he is her protector and another being that Isa has no idea who she really is and is about to find out. The storyline in this was epic, I LOVED everything about it and I really enjoyed finding out about Isa’s true heritage. There are a lot of surprises in store for her starting with what Toryn has been hiding but then that becomes small in comparison to what else she learns. For one, she has a family she never knew existed, two – she is super powerful, three –she is a very special person, four – people are hunting her and want to use her, five – her world is about to be turned upside down but six – Toryn loves & wants her making her able to handle anything else.
As I mentioned, the world of ‘The Others of Seattle’ is about to opened up in a major way and some new species are introduced that we haven’t seen before including satyrs & dragons!! (I’m excited about the dragons) Some of the book even had a fantasy feel to it and that’s something new also and there wasn’t a werewolf in sight.  The threat was very sinister & seedy with a very creepy enemy (who also links the book to ‘The Others of Edenton’) and this is where we get to Isa at her best and strongest as she faces down more than one enemy. There is tons of action, threats, power plays, huge secrets and lots of sexytime making this a must read for fans of paranormal romance. I would gladly read another book about this couple and couldn’t recommend it enough…… oh and did I mention it has Dragons??? I need their books too!