Kiera's Quest: Perceptions (Kiera's Quest, #3) by Kristy Brown

Kiera's Quest: Perceptions - Kristy Brown

Perceptions is another great instalment in the ‘Kiera’s Quest’ series and there is no let-up in danger & treachery. Following the events of book 2, the evil Witch Queen is now on Earth and in the guise of Kiera, hell bent on destroying everyone that Kiera loved. Kiera however is stuck in Zakk’s realm as he takes over his mantle as ruler and quickly realises what’s happening when she can’t mentally contact her friends. During one of her explorations of the castle, she stumbles upon a map with a hidden vortex and the only way to get back to her loved ones and knowing Zakk won’t allow her to go, takes it upon herself to go and save the day alone. Along the way she will meet some new friends, realise her status as the ‘chosen one’ is welcome to most races and that there is still good, willing to do the right thing…. But will she make it in time to stop the Witch Queen from causing havoc in her home town?

So, this was a great addition to the series and things are really coming together, I liked the circumstances of this book – Kiera stuck were she is and trying to adjust to life as a princess and prophesised ‘chosen one’… she isn’t comfortable with her status and although the princess tag comes easier, she needs verification of the other so sets out to find out what exactly she is meant to do. Zakk’s protectiveness is amped up another notch too as he attempts to put his kingdom right and watch over a wilful Kiera. Elsewhere, the Witch Queen is having lots of naughty fun in her Kiera disguise, hurting people and plotting her revenge on Kiera. It was quite funny to read about her attempts to ‘be’ Kiera and it was so obvious she wasn’t but the excuses some people will allow for her behaviour were laughable, the things she got away with defy belief and I’m shocked it took so long to realise something was up. Obviously the plot was always headed towards yet another showdown with the Witch Queen but I also liked how Kiera got there, she went on an adventure and met more people/species which opened the world up some more but also showed how a common enemy can unite anyone. I liked the introduction of the new characters, particularly Mason and I’m curious how they will affect the last book. Everything leads up to a showdown and I liked that it happened on Earth, how Kiera’s friends & family needed to make their own discoveries before a resolution could be met and I liked that the story was again action packed & full of danger but still has a few surprises for us, I’m excited for the final book now.