A review for Resonance (Holloway Pack, #2.5) by J.A. Belfield

Resonance - J.A. Belfield

I was so glad I had this to move straight onto following the climax of Blue Moon considering Josh was left in the ‘sleep of the dead’ comatose like state. In this we feel the depression of the pack as time moves on and Josh remains in a sort of stasis, everyone is feeling the burden of guilt and of course Jem has taken it the worst….. if only she’d made them listen, if only she’d stopped the witches before they started, if only she’d gotten to them quicker, if only, if only….and its affecting her & Sean too as he feels her burden along with his own. It’s killing them all to wait around and do nothing except keep a vigil in the hopes Josh will awaken and even though Jess is hard at work searching for a spell to counteract his predicament – nothing is forthcoming. Jem is prompted by Jess to go and seek out a Grimoire at a shop that had her binding spell in so Jem, Sean & Ethan head out to do a little recon and discover something a bit more than what they originally went looking for but with Grimoire in hand and Jess on the case, it isn’t long before a plan is hatched – only it puts Jem at risk again, but with no other hope…. They have to risk it. 

So, as I mentioned – I was so glad to have this to move onto straight away – and this was an excellent addition to a great series. I love a good short story and loved that it was about helping Josh because the ending of book 2 had left his fate in limbo. I thought book 2 had introduced a bit more magic but this opened the world up even more and again gave a different feel to the story. I liked what happened all of the way through the story; the pack were down and depressed and you could feel the absence of Josh throughout, you could feel their despair at having no answers but also hope & faith in Jess that she would come through for them, you could also really feel Jem’s guilt but also her determination to bring him back especially considering her vigil in his room. When more work was needed, a grimoire to find, Jem had no hesitation and I loved the discoveries made upon finding it and when answers were revealed that Jem again came through for everyone, even to the detriment to herself. The story was enlightening in more ways than one, I like how Jess seems to be fitting into the pack, like she was meant to be there and for a 104 pages, it was exciting, intriguing and dangerous, opening up more of the supernatural but still had some passionate romantic moments aswell and I absolutely loved that sneaky little cliffhanger that leaves you with a big fat grin =D  


Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/960689630?book_show_action=false