A review for Love Potions (Warlocks MacGregor, #1) by Michelle M. Pillow

Love Potions (Entangled Covet) - Michelle M. Pillow

Love potions was such a fun & magical paranormal romance and I loved every page of it!
The synopsis is spot on as we meet Erik MacGregor – an immortal Scottish warlock – scouting out a new home for his clan, before he evens sees the house, he meets Lydia Barratt and sparks fly as they connect in a big way. I love these types of connections, unexplainable but soul deep where you just ‘know’ that person is meant for you, I’m a sucker for all things soul mates so this grabbed my attention straight away and loved that there is indeed legend of such things for our warlock. Erik has every intention of seducing Lydia so that he can buy her house - which is on the mansion’s grounds (that he just bought) - so that the family have complete privacy but he doesn’t bank on his connection to Lydia or the surprises in Lydias’ background. What ensues is so funny and laughable that I spent most of the book with a smile on my face. The characters are just fun and adorable, Lydia is a recluse and by no means forward with regards to men but she can’t seem to help herself around Erik, she does things with him that she’d never dream of doing but little does she know but Erik is helping her along with his magic and when she does find out…. It’s hilarious! Erik is strong, full of himself and used to getting what he wants so rather than make the effort, he urges things forward with spells and he’s in for some fun when he realises just what Lydia is to him, they clash & they argue but they have chemistry and that smoulders off the pages. It was one of those relationships where you want them to get together because they’re perfect for each other, but don’t want them to get together because of the fun and hilarity of them trying to stay apart.
The book also introduces us to the clan MacGregor and there are a few, if Erik is hot and funny, it stands to reason that his brothers, sister & cousins are all of the same ilk…. And they are! I’m really excited by this family, I want all of their stories and backgrounds because they all make an impression. I thought the way Malina (Erik’s sister) helped Lydia was genius and you just know that they have a lot of scheming, plotting & pranks up their sleeves which will give the reader no amount of fun. There is a threat to the ‘soul mate principal’ in this because of what Lydia does to Erik, it sort of turns her into his kryptonite and if the enemy get their hands on her, they can use her to hurt Erik in a big way – which I liked and tied into the immortal warlock thread very well. We also get some real life drama that has nothing to do with the magic going on around town and I appreciated what that brought to the story too. I think the world the author has created was fab! It’s a story filled with danger, mystery, magic, romance & soul mates, with an age old enemy, a stalker (in more ways than one), a meddling ghost and an amazing set of characters that will have you smiling and laughing from start to finish – I REALLY hope this becomes a series because I’m hooked!

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