A Review for Banishing the Dark (Arcadia Bell #4) by Jenn Bennett

Banishing the Dark - Jenn Bennett

Well, I’m sad that it’s over – but what an awesome end to an amazing series!
Following the huge cliffhanger that ended book 3, Cady is trying to come to terms with her new self, come to terms with an unexpected surprise and recovering from her near death beating… but things are never going to be simple for Cady because her mother is still manipulating her from the Aether, putting everyone Cady loves in danger. What does she want? It’s simple really – she wants to possess Cady and live through her permanently…. meaning Cady’s soul will die – and each time Cady taps into her moonchild powers, is another step into the clutches of an insane woman, hellbent on gaining power for her own ends and is prepared to sacrifice her own daughter to do just that. The only hope Cady has is to find the original spell that was used at her conception and hopefully reverse it or find out what was used so that she work out just what she is…. Leading to strangest most random road trip ever! Whilst Cady & Lon are off on their mission, Jupe has decided he won’t let Cady go without a fight either – let’s hope they can all uncover what Cady Needs before Enola Duval can reach her end game.
So, as I said – this was an awesome end to an amazing series, breathtaking to the very end!
I have always loved Cady’s character, I love when I can connect to a character and can become invested in their lives, routing for them in their trials & tribulations, from book one she was just so capable and admirable, having been through so much and living a double life through no fault of her own. She had such a great attitude and I think through her relationships with Lon & Jupe we get to see more diversity in her – with Lon being older, the relationship is more mature and you don’t feel the years between them whereas with Jupe, she can get down to his level as a teen and not only be parental but also someone he can confide in and turn too without judgement – giving us a well rounded female. I love her relationship with Lon and that it isn’t what brings the drama to the story, I like a couple to complement each other and they really do, I mentioned that you can’t feel the age gap and that’s true, we get the same amount of passion and smexiness as ever, making it a total nonissue. I also loved that Lon & Jupe gave Cady a sense of family & belonging which is something she was lacking.
There was only ever going to be one true ultimate enemy for Cady and that is her mother, so it stands to reason that in the final book of the series, Cady will face her nemesis and finally shed light on her conception and what she has become. To do this there is a cool road trip and lots of mystery and intrigue, uncovering clues, tracking down people who don’t want to be found, dealing with people who could be friends or enemies and it is a tough journey of self discovery for Cady, putting her in danger time & time again – at a time when she least needs it! – and we discover just how manipulative & evil Enola Duval is and what lengths she would go to for the ultimate power. There is something that it done to Cady in an attempt to throw her mother off some sensitive information that makes this book quite fun and also gives her & Lon’s relationship a different feel which I thought was genius and brought some great moments to the book. I also loved that we got some chapters from Jupes POV and we get a good feel of how he thinks and how he feels about Cady, making him a good player in the jaw dropping conclusion. This book has it all – great characters, mystery, intrigue, danger, magic and romance – just as every book in the series has and I have loved every single one! 

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