A review for Scala (Angelbound, #2) by Christina Bauer

Scala (Angelbound 2) - Christina Bauer

I thought Scala was a great sequel to Angelbound and it was good to be back in Myla’s world.

Myla is now the Great Scala – charged with moving souls to their final destinations in either Heaven or Hell – but there is a problem…. She can’t move souls to their correct destination when all souls are being transported straight to Hell thanks to a long lost magical object – Lucifer’s orb – interfering with her Scala powers. Myla is reluctant to send the souls to the wrong place and she knows that a lot are bound for heaven, so the souls are building up in their containment units – known as ghost towers – and are set to explode if Myla can’t find the orb and remove it from Purgatory. This is just the tip of Myla’s problem when Lady Adair – Lincoln’s ex, Myla’s nemesis, fake Scala & all around b*tch – decides to stick her oar into the situation, trying to show that Myla is incompetent at her job and soon will cause a ghost meltdown with Purgatory as their playground. Myla knows she’s up to something, but what? It seems like we have all underestimated Lady Adair…..

So, I thought this was great sequel. I love Myla’s character, she is so easy to read and get into her head, I love her sense of self and her voice – full of spark & sass – and I’m glad it travelled well into this book because she could have lost herself to the power she now holds. I’m glad that she and Lincoln have remained close, I liked in the first book that he had set aside a prejudice for ‘quasis’ to see Myla as a an equal person rather than a demon and that they had fell in love, they truly are good for each other and I like his faith in her also. I loved the direction their relationship took her, it felt natural and right and very satisfying.

I liked the storyline and I liked the threat that it brought. I did have a problem with it being the ‘ex’ that was bringing the threat, I’m not a fan of love triangles or ‘other women’ competing for our heroines man – regardless of him being hers in the beginning – it makes me uneasy reading the book and it overshadows how I feel about the storyline, which is sad because if it was anyone else as the threat, I wouldn’t been bothered. Saying that I can definitely appreciate how the story came together and I do admit that the progression was really good. I like the problems that were facing Myla with regards to the souls and the mastering of her powers. I thought the Lucifer’s orb part was good and could have been used more as a scavenger hunt type of thread but again, I liked what it brought to the story. With all of Adair’s scheming, it does make you start to question whether she was the puppet or the master and if she was the puppet….who is pulling her strings? I liked that we saw more of the secondary characters too, Myla’s Dad is very interesting as is Lincolns Mother and I definitely need to know more about Walker. I thought the story was fun, sweet, a little sad but also filled with scheming, misdirection and a good few twists and turns that kept everyone right on their toes and lead to an awesome ending. I look forward to book 3. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/929809172