A Review for Death's Daughter (Realm Walker #2) by Kathleen Collins

Death's Daughter  - Kathleen  Collins

Death’s Daughter is the brilliant sequel to Realm Walker in the series of the same name and I devoured it!
This time around Walker Julianna Norris is put in charge of a huge case involving the disappearance of ‘Altered’ children. Someone is taking them in broad daylight, from highly populated areas where people should have seen something – but didn’t. Why take the children? What does the perpetrator plan to do with them? When things take a turn for the worse and the bodies start to turn up, the whole team begins to realise that the case is much bigger than any of them ever thought as it becomes a race against time to stop both the abductions & the murders of the innocents.
I loved this book, everything about it and UF is definitely my category of choice when reading a book. I thought Julianna was a great character in the first book and this just cements that. She has everything I love in a character; she’s strong, determined, very capable and kick ass! That would usually harden a character but not with her, she shows a vulnerable & caring side even if she has the tendency to internalise her feelings, it still shines through. She is a machine when investigating, driven & focussed.. so it’s nice to see her getting some sweetness from her mate – Thomas- and I like what their relationship brings to an otherwise harsh plot. I love their connection & chemistry and also how Thomas is still trying to give her independence, battling his alpha instincts to protect his mate and I even love how Julianna becomes unsure of herself when around him…how could she believe he wouldn’t want her?
The storyline was awesome, very gritty, harsh and realistic to the point where it would still have been a great book even without the paranormal element, I could definitely see myself watching this on TV. I love that the author isn’t afraid to give us gruesome & macabre scenes and I really liked how the magic was used in the crimes too. The pacing was spot on and I really felt the urgency, the fear, the panic and desperation as they raced against time to stop more abductions & killings, I couldn’t stop reading, turning the pages wanting to know who was committing these crimes, what was going on, why these kids were being taken and hoping that they would all make it home – it was just brilliant! I’ve said that the main characters are great but to be honest, all of them are and the more that get introduced throughout the story, the more books I want! I love the introduction of the Wardens to the series and their personalities really shone through so I would love more from them, possibly their own stories. The people & setting of this world definitely hold my interest, I love the diversity of the magic users and how they use their power & work with the people around them, not always in harmony but always interesting…. We’ve had a demon riding people in book one, a child snatcher/murderer in book two and I seriously cannot wait for book three….what can we possibly get next? 

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