A Review for The Raven's Kill by Ella Grey

The Raven's Kill - Ella Grey
The Raven’s Kill is a short story that definitely hit’s the spot!
The synopsis is very accurate as we join Raven on a job, he’s a mercenary, a killer for hire and his new job is to kill Cassandra…..until he meets her and there is an instant connection, so instead of killing her she brings out his protective instincts and he decides to look into her first. Cassandra also feels the instant connection to the mysterious stranger she sees across from where she is dining, she has never had a man evoke feelings like he does, not even her fiancé who was just happening to sit next to her at the time and who she is due to marry in a week. Little does she know that there has been a hit put out on her bringing Raven into her life, can she trust the stranger that turns up in her room that night? Can Raven find out just who is trying to kill Cassandra in time to save her? Can they both fight the attraction & chemistry they share or is something more magical at play between them?
So I really liked this and even though it was only 39 pages, it made an impact – so much so that I had wished it had been a full novel because it had so much potential. I liked the whole premise of a hitman sent to kill someone and then stops because of the connection he feels to his intended victim, add to the fact that Raven is actually a bird shifter and I was very interested; I think having a different kind of shifter is a refreshing change, it’s not often I read of a bird shifter and I enjoyed it. I liked that they both shared the same feelings and were both drawn to each other, it brought about some hot moments. I liked both characters and I did want to see them explore their connection. I was interested in who was trying to kill Cassandra too, it wasn’t hard to work out who but that’s understandable when you’re trying to get across such a story in a short amount of pages but it did what it should.. it grasped my attention, got me invested in the characters, feeling the love connection and wishing I had more! 
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