A Review for Angelbound (Angelbound #1) by Christina Bauer

Angelbound - Christina Bauer

 Angelbound was an excellent start to the series of the same name and I thought it was a fun & original. All of the characters are likeable, particularly our main characters Myla & Lincoln. Myla definitely stole the show, she’s fun, she’s confident, she’s full of attitude and totally kicks ass in every way! I love that she’s tough and has been fighting in ‘the arena’ since she was 12, you would expect her to be hardened by that but she’s not… she loves doing it, it’s like her lives work to catalogue the strengths & weaknesses of the demons she fights and she still retains her fun loving optimistic view of life. I really loved when Myla & Lincoln meet, I love a relationship that starts off with arguments & bickering, a love/hate thing, which is such a refreshing change to the insta love, I’m not saying you don’t feel their connection from the onset because you do, it just takes a while for them to realise what it is and that always means fun for the reader. Their relationship is so easy when they give each other a chance and they complement each other so well, making them a great team and you just know they’re going to cause waves because both of them together just radiate mischief. The world the author has created was very original in its structure and I loved the history of it and its inhabitants which all worked together very well and was a great background to the story. I liked that we have certain groups of beings – angels, demons, ghouls, thrax, quasis – and that within these groups are differences again, they all have their own ways, their own magic, histories and traditions which brings different aspects to the world. The bad guy was great but slightly underused in my opinion, I would have loved Myla to have had some run ins with him but I liked how he radiates fear & despair and was curious for more of his story. The main focus of course was Myla, a lot had been kept from her and there are a lot of secrets surrounding her & her parents that are going to come to light throughout the book which I loved, I did cotton on pretty early what was happening but that didn’t matter here because I really enjoyed finding it all out and I enjoyed the way Myla discovered some of the past that was giving her clues to who she really was and I really liked how that in turn shaped Myla into the person she became. I thought the arena scenes were good, with plenty of action, I like what Myla does there and I especially liked the Thrax introduction & display. To be honest I don’t think there was anything that I didn’t like about the whole thing – we got a great story in a great setting filled with fun, action, secrets, power plays, first love and a quasi girl (with a tail that has a mind of its own)set on shaking things up big style! I can’t wait for more.

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