A review for Cold Blooded (Jessica McClain #3) by Amanda Carlson

Cold Blooded - Amanda  Carlson

The storyline picks straight up from where we left book two…. Jessica gets home from rescuing Rourke to find that Marcy has been kidnapped by Sorcerers and that James has gone rogue in an attempt to find her, Tally, the leader of the Witches places the responsibility of finding her on Jess. Jess was always going to look for her Bff anyway but that becomes a different story when Jess becomes the hunted and on finding that Marcy isn’t as defenceless as people assume she is… it all becomes about keeping Jess out of the Sorcerers clutches. After receiving some vital ‘information’ & a couple of pitstops, Jess decides to head to the Vampire Coterie in New Orleans to seek protection & fulfil the debt to their Queen Eudoxia early…..that is if she can make it in one piece…. And that’s just the half of it!

This was yet another spectacular book in the Jessica McClain series. I am constantly wowed by this series and even though we are only at book 3, it is definitely established as one of my most favourite series EVER! I love Jess, she is such a great character, she is so fearless and willing to take risks, further evidence is again in this as she puts herself on the line, time & time again. I love her relationship with Rourke, love the whole mating situation and was sooooo grateful they got to be together in this book because we didn’t see much of him until the end of book two. They have great chemistry, the sizzle right off the page and I don’t think I’m alone when I got 27% in and breathed the word …finally. Rourke is totally swoon-worthy & smoking hot!!! Oh and we eventually find out what he is !!! and it’s awesome!!!

It’s not often when you read a book that you are interested in & care about every single character, wanting not only Jess & Rourke’s story but everyone elses (I want Marcy & James story at the minute).

The storyline was great, it is all action, all of the time and just the way I like them. Jess is really causing a stir in the supernatural world, unintentionally causing waves of unrest & change – which I love! – bringing out all of the supernaturals who want to use her for some reason or other and while some a forthright in what they want, others..not so much. It’s so hard to know who to trust in these books, there is always some hidden agenda or misdirection going on and that drags you into the story so much, keeps your interest & holds it all of the way through… its exciting, it’s magical, it’s violent, it’s romantic, it’s hot and as always I’m left counting the days for more. 5*s