Soul Avenged (Sons of Wrath, #1) by Keri Lake

Soul Avenged  - Keri Lake

First of all, I have to say that this is one of the best 79p's I have spent in my life!!!
Soul Avenged is the stunning opener to the 'Sons of Wrath' series and if I could describe it as anything it would be 'kinda like BDB, but with Lycans as the enemy'. The first book is about Ayden, an Alexi warrior, reborn to kill lycans.... after escaping the clutches of her tyrannical 'General' who brought her back from the brink of death, took her memories, desensitised her & made her into a killing machine, Ayden comes across the 'Sons of Wrath' who are vengeance demons and will help her find vengeance against the one who ended her human life. Years later, Ayden stumbles upon a recently bitten human who will turn into a lycan in the next seven days (if she doesn't kill him first) and the only thing stopping her from killing Kane is the visions his touch brings, like memories, making her feel for the first time she can remember. She quickly realises that the visions may help her in tracking down her own attacker so against her better judgement and the need to kill, she takes him to the 'Sons of Wrath' mansion in the hopes of unlocking more visions.... she just doesn't bank on unlocking her feelings... which begs the question... will she really kill him once the seven days are up?
So yeah, this book was amazing and I loved it! It's definitely UF at its best and just the way I like them. We have a strong kick ass female, damaged but determined & driven to find the one who did it to her. Ayden is an admirable character, I really empathised with her & enjoyed seeing her icy facade melt away over the course of the book, softening her character up. it was nice to see her find some peace in her harsh world. The storyline was great, who doesn't like a good whodunit with a bit of vengeance thrown in, add to that a sprinkling of romance & sexytime and I was hooked. I like the world set up, it was gritty, harsh & violent & that is not a bad thing in my book. I like the 'Sons of Wrath' and what they stand for...I'm guessing all of the brothers will get there own books and they deserve them because their characters come across so well in this even though they are mostly secondary characters, they all made an impact with their individual personalities & their brotherhood, leaving me curious about every one of them. I like the Alexi warrior thing too, even though the 'general' is a dick, every set of bad guys needs someone to kick their ass and they sure were kicking the Lycan's butts. I'll be curious to see what becomes of them following the conclusion of this. To be honest, this was just a perfect book for me, everything about it and if I had to grumble about one thing it would be that I preferred our leading lady's relationship with her ex - I felt their relationship more, felt they connected better & shared a background - more than I did with her chosen one... but that's just my opinion and in no way spoils my opinion of the book. Awesome start to the series though and can't wait for more!