{Review} Misery Loves Company (Miss Misery #3) by Tracey Martin

Misery Loves Company (Miss Misery Book 3) - Tracey Martin

Misery Loves Company is the third book in the Miss Misery series and I really enjoyed it.
At the end of book two we saw Jess walking away from the Gryphons after finding out how they had betrayed her & she’s sort of stuck on what to do next…
That is until her best friend’s cousin and famous writer has his soul sucked straight out of him at a book signing – right in front of Jess and Steph. Everyone is horrified, it is illegal for a Pred to do this and so publically too and when Steph tells her she is the only one she trusts to find out what happened….Jess is pulled into the Gryphons clutches again but it also means she can do a little delving of her own.
That’s not the only problems she is having lately; one involves a certain favour owed to the Goblin Dom who is about to call it in and the other is her relationship with Lucen and his need to have sex with his addicts, as you can imagine Jess is still not down with that and can’t see a way that she can live with it…. Will this mean the end of her relationship with the sexy satyr?
I really enjoyed this book, as I have the others. There are always multiple threads of story weaved together that come together in the end and this is no exception, so be prepared for more secrets, more death, plenty of action in and out of the bedroom plus Lucen & Devon… what more could you want? Jess is making progress with her pred status, she is accepting of some things but not others, I think she will always think like a human but be more sympathetic towards preds because she has a foot in both worlds and she is perfect to be some sort of liaison between the two which could prevent conflict. I like that she is still struggling with the pred/addict relationship because as a reader – I still do, yes I understand it but I don’t really like it because it goes against my nature I suppose and Jess is having similar thoughts. I’m into her relationship with Lucen but really wish she could be enough for him somehow. The involvement of Devon in this could be seen coming and yes, I like him but I’m a bit dubious about where it’s all headed romance wise.
The story has good progression, the preds seem to be on the precipice of war and are just waiting for a catalyst. We have more details of a prophecy involving Jess and we know how much I love those, it could be easily brushed off if it wasn’t coming from multiple sources and Jess begins to learn more about this here – it definitely had my curiosity going and I can’t wait to see it all unfold. It seems like all sides are looking for something because they know what’s around the corner for them, there’s an atmosphere of imminent conflict and it seems everyone is preparing by gathering information and allies so definitely precarious times for them all. As always with a good UF there is a mystery to be solved and that was another good thread to the plot, we got to know a few more people better through the investigation and a good few secrets are revealed so that when it all comes together – we get another thrilling read in this series and I’ll always be looking out for more from this author. 

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