{Review} Chase the Dark (Steel & Stone #1) by Annette Marie

Chase the Dark (Steel & Stone) (Volume 1) - Marie Annette Brown

I absolutely loved this book, in my opinion it was YA perfection!
The character of Piper drew me in straight away, as did the mysterious demon duo of Lyre & Ash as we join all three in a battle against time to prove their innocence, save Piper’s father and keep the coveted Sahar Stone out of the wrong hands.
The story got off to an action packed start and that action did not stop throughout the book giving me a thrill of a read. Piper is special, she is the only female to survive being born with two Haemon parents, the cost of this is that she has no magic. Piper more than compensates for this as she trains to become a member of the Consul and is well equipped to defend herself. That is until her whole life is turned upside down and she has to put her trust in an Incubus – Lyre – and a Draconian – Ash which begins not only an amazing story but also a very tentative love triangle. I know what you all think – urgh love triangles – I’m not a fan of them myself but it was nicely done here and no one is falling madly in love right now, it was the stirring of feelings between these young people thrust into life threatening situations. Lyre is the happy go lucky, fun character with his flirtatious banter that no one can resist but Piper so that leaves Ash who of course, is the bad boy, constantly brooding, sure of himself, alpha in the making but there’s just something about him that draws you in and makes you want to know more. I like both of these options for her, I’m leaning towards one but would be happy with either at this point.
Now, it’s not all about the romance….in fact that’s just a tiny smidgen of the content of this book but believe me the storyline is awesome! We have a magical world filled with lots of different magical people – Haemons (part daemon/part human) who possess magic, humans and Daemons that come in all shapes and forms. There is a sort of Heaven and Hell but they are known as the Overworld and Underworld that don’t necessarily equate to good and evil, there is a lot of enemies on all sides – daemons against daemons, humans against daemons, Haemons against daemons, and daemons against everyone else- so there is a lot of room for conflict but this story focuses on the Sahar Stone, Piper has it and everyone wants it – meaning that she is constantly running & fighting for her life and to protect the stone throughout the book. Multiple enemies are doing all they can to capture Piper leading her into perilous situations where she is forced to fight for her life without any magic (she doesn’t have any). It isn’t all cut and dried though because there are plenty of twists and turns to keep everyone on their toes, the book full of action and the story at a great pace – I could not put it down! It had everything I want to read in a UF – action, great characters, awesome world building, diverse species, secrets and lies, twists and turns and a smidge of romance…. Now I want more! 

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