{Review} Reclaiming the Wolf (Cascade Shifters #1) by Jessie Donovan

Reclaiming the Wolf (Cascade Shifters Book 1) - Jessie Donovan, Hot Tree Editing

With Reclaiming the Wolf, Jessie Donovan is definitely becoming one to watch in the paranormal romance genre as she brings a great story with great characters every time and this is no different.
Kaya and Sylas have history, the thing about these two is that they are both from rival shifter clans - with Kaya being a wolf and Sylas being a cougar - they were in a relationship when they were younger and it turned sour. Fast forward 10 years and Kaya is now the Alpha of her pack, a very strong capable woman who has pulled her pack back from disorder & bankruptcy and earned the respect of everyone around her. When wolves with purple eyes start attacking cougars and one turns up dead on their doorstep, Sylas is thrust back into her life and not wanting to risk the tenuous relationships between packs – Kaya is forced to co-operate with the man who stole & broke her heart all of those years ago. I love a story where the lead male & female have known each other beforehand and especially when they have had a relationship and parted on bad terms because usually, it’s a misunderstanding or someone has come between them in a meddling sort of way. I love these because there is always sexual tension and unfinished business which carries across to the story and that is exactly what we get here. The chemistry between these two is HOT! You can tell they still have the connection that they shared all of those years ago and these two are not about to beat around the bush when it comes to getting what they want – that isn’t to say that they don’t need to hash out the past to clear the air, because they do – but they both aren’t stupid when it comes to realising what they are to each other and what they could be again, which led to a lot of sexytime.

With the arrival of the purple eyed wolves it becomes apparent that someone is infecting the wolves with something and letting them loose on cougar land which could end up in either a war between the two clans or her pack being wiped out to the virus, so it makes sense that a representative from each side do the investigating. This is a perfect excuse to team Kaya and Sylas up giving them plenty of opportunity to get to know each other again, learn how each other operates and hopefully that they can trust each other again. The investigation gives us an insight into how Kaya saved the pack but also shows us that not everyone is as honest as they should be and when the virus spreads, it becomes a race against time to find a cure and uncover the culprit. I enjoyed the plot in this and thought the virus brought something new to the usual shifter stories we get, I also liked that it showed what the shifters did to stay afloat and how they’re actually helping humans in a way. I liked the investigative feel of it and how they went about doing it, there’s a little twist part way through too that will have you hoping against hope that a cure will be forthcoming and we see just how far the couple have come relationship wise in such a short time.
To sum it up – this was a great book, great story, great characters, lots of sexytime and everything I love in a paranormal romance and I’ll be looking out for more in the series.

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