{Review} First Contact by Kat Green

First Contact - Kat Green

I absolutely loved this book and devoured it in one sitting!
As the synopsis tells us – Sloane Osbourne became a paranormal real estate agent so that she could search for the ghost of her dead fiancé Michael. He had a thing where he would say put it off for a year and a day, so Sloane has a good feeling he will come through for her tonight, exactly a year and a day later and what better way to come through than a haunted house that has a potential buyer and Sloane is on the case. Once there she goes about her business with her paranormal detecting kit and waits….. then the banging starts…..then comes the cries for water…… then comes Michael and he tells her she needs to leave NOW!!! But does Sloane leave? No, she wants more time with Michael but what she uncovers could give her time with him…..permanently!
This book was just brill, I connected to Sloane straight away because she was grieving but being proactive about it by trying to hunt down Michael’s ghost. You can tell that she loved him a lot and that is what was driving her on her mission to make contact and the ‘year and a day’ rule was cute. In the beginning when she’s explaining how she came to be travelling to the potential haunted house, my suspicion was aroused straight away; I understand why she wanted to do it and that her focus on Michael was the driving force but alarm bells started  ringing straight away. When she makes contact on the first night and is given her warning she did exactly as I would have – delved right into it. The story that followed was an edge of the seat ride, very atmospheric and you could easily picture yourself as Sloane, sitting, waiting in the dark for contact, exploring the house with her detecting technology, finding a strange basement with a chair facing an unusually clean incinerator, hearing voices & banging and being scared beyond anything but knowing she needs to be right where she is if she hopes Michael will come through. She enlists the help of Michaels best friend who is not only sensitive to ghosts and has seen them but is also on the FBI payroll, he drops everything to get to Sloane because we all know something is not right which is furthermore proven when we meet the former owner of the house. As she starts to investigate we see that the house has a more sinister history than we thought but will its secrets be revealed? I also liked how as we go through the story that we get flashbacks to Sloane’s happy times with Michael which brought some insight into their relationship but also lightened up a very spooky story. You could be forgiven for thinking that this is going to be a typical love tragedy where one of the couple has died and needs to deal with unfinished business…….you would be wrong though. What this book is, is a whole lot more – filled with mystery, intrigue and suspense – and it would make an excellent movie. I urge you to give this book a read and be just as surprised as me by how great it is! 

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