{Review} Armageddon (Angelbound #3) by Christina Bauer

Armageddon (Angelbound Book 3) - Christina Bauer

Armageddon is the third book in the ‘Angelbound’ series and it was just as fab as the rest.
Five years have passed and we find out that Myla and Lincoln are now married, King & Queen of the Thrax and parents to 3yr old Maxon – who is already showing power and is the Scala Heir. As the title suggests, Armageddon is back and he wants revenge, he will accomplish this by kidnapping Maxon, knowing that he will start a war but hoping to wipe out the entirety of Myla’s family. Now readers of this series will know exactly how Myla and Lincoln will react to this threat, don’t expect them to sit on their thumbs and do nothing…..because they will always fight for what’s right and fight harder for their son – even if it does mean going to war with hell.
I loved the progression of the characters in this, with a lot of time having passed you could tell that Myla had grown up a lot, in everything she did from the way she thought, her attitude and even the way she spoke, she really came into her own and role as Scala & Queen. I loved to see the maternal side to her because she is quite a hard person, known for fighting and violence so this was a lovely way to see the softer side to her and her devotion to her son shone through. Much the same with Lincoln, he is more serious with his role now being King, determined to make a difference to his people and utterly devoted to Myla and Maxon. You could clearly see that he didn’t want to repeat the same mistakes of his father so that showed what kind of man he has matured to be.
The storyline was great, on par for what we are used to with plenty of plotting, magic and action. I love that there is always something going on and that there are many threads that weave together for the whole story to take place. We finally get to see the skeletons that have been hiding in Lincoln’s father’s closet and it was awesome to see how this tied into the current troubles, it also brings in a couple of more threats which at this point in the series made a good impact. With everyone so gung ho on war, I loved that Myla still chose her own path, that the old Myla may have charged ahead but the new Myla took time to consider every angle and chose what was best for her son and family with the least amount of death and destruction. There is new magic introduced too, more than one kind and I liked what they brought to the story and one character in particular is very interesting and I hope she pops up in the next book. I also loved the introduction to Maxon, he is a little fire cracker and if you thought Myla was powerful – imagine what her child will be capable of……. And considering the next book is named ‘Maxon’ I’m sure we’re about to find out because apparently…..he is linked to a prophecy! I can’t wait! 

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