{Review} Kissing Trouble (In The Dark Series) by Morgana Phoenix

Kissing Trouble (In The Dark Book 2) - Morgana Phoenix, Airicka Phoenix

Kissing Trouble is yet another awesome book from Airicka Phoenix writing as Morgana Phoenix.
Julie was cool character, I liked that we see how kick ass she is from the beginning as she shows us that she is very capable of kicking butt due to her martial arts training and she has a take no sh*t attitude. She was good with the kids, very patient and kind but we see a different side to her when Mason arrives. I love it when friends become something more and the history they shared, fair enough in the beginning we think he broke her heart but he soon explains things to her and it’s just a matter of Julie getting used to seeing things in another way. When she does accept it, their chemistry is HOT…. Mason is definitely a man I could go for, he’s got a dominant streak, he’s attentive, not afraid to say what he wants…. And he wants Julie and spends a lot of time telling her just what he wants which created an amazing sexual tension between the two and that’s not to mention that there are lots of sexy moments to get the pulse racing.
The story is definitely a page turner and one that keeps you gripped from beginning to end as the tension mounts throughout the book and when you’re not being anxious about the horrible events, you’re swooning over Mason alongside Julie. The danger starts off with a gruesome gift and quickly escalates , in the beginning you feel the panic because there are children about but when that changes and Julie is left with Mason and his friends, it gets more atmospheric – especially when anyone could be the villain. I spent most of the book being wrapped up in the hotness of the relationship, it was a sweet relief to the horrors that kept happening, and the other times I spent wracking my brain as to who I thought was the bad guy and I can tell you … it kept me guessing right up until the end. This is another book by this author that could be made into a movie, I could see myself watching this and really enjoying the suspense of it all. It was exciting, atmospheric, suspenseful and filled with both tension of the scary variety and sexual tension all wrapped around a couple on the verge of love that may have to give up everything for the chance to love each other. 

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