{Review} Black Atonement (Vulcan Legacies #3) by Sasha Hibbs

Black Atonement (The Vulcan Legacies Book 3) - Sasha Hibbs

Black Atonement is the third book in the ‘Vulcan Legacies’ series and this time it took on a different feel as we focus on only one pair of characters.
As the title will suggest - someone has to atone for their sins – and I can think of no one better in this this series to find redemption than Brandi our resident b*tch. Throughout the series we have heard all about her exploits, she was responsible for a lot of hurt and to be honest, I don’t know if I thought she could be a good person but low and behold…. We’re about to see it for real. At the end of book 2 there were some major losses for the good guys and non more so than Daves - who lost his soul mate Lucy at the hands of Ragnor, his father. Dave would have died had it not been for Brandi breaking the rules and resurrecting him and by doing that she discovered that she has found her soul mate but Brandi didn’t believe she was worthy of that gift so the focus of this story is that she will make everything right for Dave in the only way she knows how and that is by aiding him in going into the void to snatch his sister back from Ragnor’s clutches and getting revenge for the loss of his soul mate. Before they can do that though, they must train at the hands of the mysterious Abrahim for the perils that await in the void, where they will be forced to face their own worst nightmares.
I really enjoyed this book, it was a change to have the focus only being on the two characters when we would normally have a lot more and I did miss the others especially with Ally’s cliffhanger ending that had all of my attention. I do realise that this book needed to happen though and it goes a long way into changing my opinion of Brandi. In this we see most of her dirty laundry aired and how she really felt about events that stemmed from her actions and it’s definitely an eye opener because Brandi is indeed full of remorse and also as the Seraph of love that she doesn’t really think she is worthy of love. I liked the journey she went on throughout this because it challenged her in a way that I don’t think she has faced before, she needed to redeem herself to become a better person and by gaining her soul mate in Dave, she had reason to try even more than before. I liked that she had her chance at love and that Dave was given a second chance because it was heartbreaking to see what happened to him and when Brandi saved him, it was telling that it would make a massive connection between them – why she felt the need to save him may also be down to fate too.
Most of the story is about Brandi’s inner turmoil and training to get Jessica back which in itself is good but what I love about these books is the action and we get that later on in the story which as always - is awesome. It’s quite a short story but packed with content as Brandi not only atones but trains, falls in love, attends a ball and travels to the gates of hell in a death defying rescue mission where Brandi will really show how far she will go for love. This was a nice instalment to the series but I’m looking forward to having the gang back together again. 

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