A Review for Prodigal Son (Truth Seers #1) by Debra Mullins

Prodigal Son - Debra Mullins

Prodigal Son is the first book in the ‘Truth Seers’ series by Debra Mullins and thought it was fantastic! I love the idea of a ‘gifted’ bounty hunter that uses his gifts to track down criminals and Rafe was a great leading man, he had a lone wolf, brooding, mystery about him and I couldn’t wait to unlock some of his secrets. I was very intrigued by his visions and his ‘Hunter’, it made his character even more interesting. I really liked the connection to Cara when she entered his life, it made sense for them to team up considering it was her brother they were trying to find but neither were prepared for the attraction they shared, it was electric. I loved what she could do for him further into the story and that there is talk of ‘mates’ – we all know how much I love soul mates - and they fit well together and made the chemistry very believable & I liked what they brought to each others lives. Rafe also has some unfinished business with his family which ties into the book so well and was the cause of some bad blood, I enjoyed this part too and I got why he turned into the bounty hunter and why he became the loner we first meet, it goes a long way into getting to know the character a lot more and a great introduction to his family and their powers too. I thought the storyline was great and quite original, I loved the idea that there are descendants of survivors from Atlantis and they possess certain powers. I also like how the Atlantis connection isn’t cut and dried and that throughout the book it is opened up a lot more showing us a variation in those powers. I really liked that Rafe chose to be a bounty hunter and how his gifts were an asset to his profession, I liked how he used them and the premonitions he got and I especially liked the use of precious stones to enhance and channel the power and energy and thought they were used well throughout the book. The threat was really good and sinister too because of what the enemy could do, it gave a feel that no matter what happened that Rafe & Cara would never be safe especially with the run and chase scenario that happens for a good portion of the book. It was a very intriguing book and I loved the mystery of it all, it really kept me on my toes and interested, the pacing was great and I loved that there were surprises thrown in at random to grab my interest even more. I will definitely be looking out for the sequel to find out more about Rafe, Cara and his family. 

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