A Review for Nights Embrace (Others of Seattle #1) by Brandy L. Rivers

Nights Embrace - Brandy L. Rivers

Brandy L Rivers does it again as she brings more paranormal romance with her new series ‘Others of Seattle’ a series in the same world as her ‘Others of Edenton’.

If you’re a fan of the Others of Edenton books, you will not be disappointed as that world is expanded upon bringing is the lives & loves of supernatural folk in Seattle. This time around we have an awesome leading lady in the shape of Roxana Nights –rock chick and total kick ass babe in all areas!- who finds love at first song with the lead singer of Lunar Storm – Trevor Malone. Trevor knows that Roxi is the one for him as soon as he sets eyes on her, there’s something about her and it’s not long until he realises that she is his ‘Mate’ for Trevor is a werewolf and he knows the story of the supernatural who find their soul mates. Roxi has a past and a pesky ex who treat her so badly that she’s never gotten close to a long term relationship again because he gets all obsessive when she finds a new boyfriend but this time she’s had enough, the bond is too deep with Trevor- but will he hang around long enough for her to deal with Jordan? Trevor comes with secrets of his own and a bad history with even worse enemies and when they track him down to Seattle, Roxi is the target to hurt Trevor… the thing is, Roxi has some skeletons to uncover in her own families closet, making her the target of a more sinister enemy and when those secrets start to be revealed… Roxi’s world is about to be rocked in more ways than one – will our lovers survive?

This was another excellent book from this author, she does paranormal romance so well, I love her use of soul mates for her characters and that has a big impact on why I love her books so much. The new setting was really good and opens up her world even further and made a refreshing change, plus we get a whole new set of characters to embrace. The new characters in this are just as compelling as the other series and I love how the ladies are never needy or reliant on their men, in fact – Roxi could give any of those men a run for their money. As I mentioned, Roxi is an awesome character and I loved everything about her, she’s a rock chick as lead singer of Night’s Embrace and by the end of the book is kick ass in every way. I loved the relationship that developed between her and Trevor, they share music in common but have their secrets to uncover, they were really perfect together though and you could really feel their chemistry giving the book so,e super hot moments.

The storyline was great, full of all kinds of supernaturals but at this point, most don’t really know who is what. We have a firmly established werewolf pack in the form of Trevor’s ‘Clan’ who have just moved to the area and through those we get hints of whom or what other characters are. A lot of this plot is linked to the secrets that come out as the story goes on and some of those revelations are jaw dropping as in…. you will not see a lot of stuff coming. It was also awesome to get some input from the Edenton gang and how they related to others from outside the area and also great to see them come through and offer their support to the new guys, I mentioned in a previous review that they really put across a sense of community and family regardless of blood ties and I stick to that here. It’s hard not to give so much away so I will leave it there but know that this is a great read filled with all kinds of supernatural characters, some known, some not – all with a story of their own – it is jam packed with secrets that are about to explode, it has love, camaraderie, romance, revenge and a long held vendetta or two that’s leads to an all out, action packed finale that leaves you so satisfied… but needing book 2. 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/925648357