A review for Breaking Free (Others of Edenton #4) by Brandy L. Rivers

Breaking Free (Others of Edenton Book 4) - Brandy L Rivers

Breaking Free might be the fourth book in the ‘Others of Edenton’ series but there is no let up in the story, the action and the sexytimes. If you’re onto the fourth book, you’re obviously aware of the world of Edenton and its residents and boy are we in for a few surprises this time around because some skeletons are tumbling out of those closets.
In this book, it’s Jamies’ turn to find her mate…… in her dreams! Devlin is a Dreamwalker, a rare kind of supernatural and sought after by those who practice the darker magics. He has been held captive by one of the worst, most sadistic kinds of supernatural for over twenty years where he has been forced to use his magic for evil…. Until he escapes. Soon after his escape he enters Jamies’ dreams, he doesn’t know why it’s hers that enters and neither does Jamie, they just both know that their connection is deep. Devlin has never felt this way about anyone and for some reason feels drawn to use his freedom to seek out Jamie in Edenton, to hold her at least once….. and of course, Jamie will be more than willing. Devlin knows that no matter what he feels for Jamie, he simply cannot stay because evil is on his tail, they want him back and will not stop in their endeavour so his only option is to do what he’s done for most of his life – run! but there is more in Edenton for Devlin than Jamie, someone who has no memory of him… but he knows her and he loves her too making it a really hard decision to take his troubles to their doorstep but the temptation to be near Jamie is too strong. Jamie will not stand for finding her true love only for him to up and leave and when she finds out his ties to Edenton, the whole town will be behind him as they all stand together to banish evil once more.
I thought that Falling into Place was the best book in the series and it was but this book is not far behind it, infact action wise and progression of storyline wise – this tops it! I have not once been disappointed in any of the books in this series, they are easy to read, flow well and hit about every spot in what I like about this genre. Jamie has been a constant character since book one so we already have a sense of who she is and what she is about, she went through a couple of bad times and a break up with another character – Preston – her sister and friends always fear her taste in men because she has not got a good track record of choosing the right one, she has a heart of gold and she is just as powerful as others but chooses to downplay it. Devlin is very untrusting, most of his life has been spent on the run and the last 20 yrs or so have been spent in captivity where his magic has been used for evil under coercion, he thinks himself evil, he has no confidence in what he can do, who he is or that he is worthy of love; quite a pitiful character really but we get to see him grow under the right guidance and the love of a good woman. They made a great couple, Jamie was the perfect remedy to Devlins’ feelings & doubts and I loved how they started off, they smouldered together from the get go and you want them both to have this piece of happiness.
The storyline was awesome and was filled with lots of secrets and revelations; skeletons in the closet causing an avalanche here! It’s a bit hard to discuss the storyline with so much hinging on the secrets that are revealed so I’ll try and tease a little of it out…. I mentioned that Dev is connected to someone else in Edenton which is secret #1 but then who & what comes after Dev brings more secrets and for more than one character. I liked this storyline most because of the intertwining of the ‘secret’ threads, it involves & will affect multiple characters and will have a major impact on Edenton as a whole. I loved how everyone came together against a common enemy, banding together, willing to give their lives for each other, willing to help break others free & make things right. I have always felt the community of these characters but this made me have a sense of family between each and every one of them and it felt good. Yes we get a lot of Jamie & Devlin building a relationship, we also move forward in a couple of other relationships, seeing happiness for our much loved characters but on the flip side we see a real evil and how that can be used, how a good person can be used for evil and what that evil has planned for the future if not stopped. The action was amazing, the climax of the book was superb where everything and everyone came together for a final battle with full on action & fighting, magic being flung around like no ones business – it was awesome! And just the icing on the cake for this fantastic book and I loved it! It did kind of feel like a conclusion to the series but seeing as how I know there’s more to come – I’m a happy bunny =) 

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