A review for Dark Hunter (Dark Breed Enforcers #2.5) by Shannan Albright

Dark Hunter (Dark Breed Enforcers Book 3) - Shannan Albright

Dark Hunter was a great addition to the Dark Breed Enforcers series and I really enjoyed that we got to know Mari Ankamunan – owner and manager of ‘The Asp’ bar. In the previous book, there is a pivotal scene involving Mari, the Enforcers & the bar that has a horrible effect on all involved and when we meet Mari again, she is still living with the feelings & regrets brought on by that – but her world is about to be rocked once more when her Sire & only man she has ever loved – Navar – shows up unexpectedly in her bar. Unexpectedly….. because Mari believed Navar was dead for the last 2000yrs after having watched him die. Navar – having made a blood vow to his Sire in exchange for vengeance and immortality was ripped from the arms of his loved one – Mari – but he vowed he would be back for her and after being forced to serve justice as a hunter on behalf of the Sidhe Queen for 2000yrs, he has won his freedom and he’s back for what belongs to him…. Thing is, someone else has their sights on Mari…. Only they want her dead!
I greatly enjoyed this short story and I loved that it was about Mari, she is always making an appearance through her club so it’s great to get an insight into her. I connected to her straight away through her feelings of helplessness & frustration of not being able to do more for her patrons following the attack on the club and even moreso when Navar turned back up in her life. I like second chance love stories, particularly when its misunderstandings and things that are out of the control of our lovers and that is what we get here. You could really feel their shared history and how much Mari felt for him, it showed in their characters too and whilst I wanted them together and routed for them, she gave in far too easily for my liking. I like that there was a danger felt throughout, the way it was started was great and so unexpected but brought a great element of fear to the story and tension as Navar tried to protect his woman and kept me guessing right up until the end. As I said, this is a great addition to the series filled with danger, tension, romance & smexyness, topped with a nice HEA fix as soul mates reconnect forever – Loved it! 

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