A review for Passion's Flight (Dark Breed Enforcers #2) by Shannan Albright

Passion's Flight (Dark Breed Enforcers) - Shannan Albright

Passion’s Flight is the second book in the Dark Breed Enforcers series and just as good as the first.
This time around it’s Tegan’s chance to claim a life mate as he sent out on a mission into his old territory on his step father’s orders. There is no one Tegan hates in life as Nikolai and he is loath to do anything for him but knowing how important the job is and that he is the only person for the job puts things into perspective. He quickly finds Kyra Navarone – the archaeologist with the location of Oman’s Seal- amid a trail of death and destruction, it looks like he isn’t the only one hunting for the woman. They clash from the getgo as she sees herself as superior and he sees her a stubborn know it all but as the danger comes, the fights for freedom turn into mutual respect and admiration which then turns into something they both never saw coming…. Kyra has a secret however, a secret that could mean death for Tegan. Will their love win out? Or will one of the other players get what they want? Be it the artefact – or Kyra!
So, I really enjoyed this sequel to Dark Passion Rising and it followed on perfectly. In the beginning, it was good to catch up on what had happened following book one and we find that things have changed a lot, prejudice against the Dark Breeds is coming to a head, most of the Dark Breeds have been hunted down and killed especially those in power and our Enforcers have been forced to ally themselves and go underground. Temple Fox is still causing problems as he tries to put his own plans into action but other players are starting to pop into the picture and it was nice to be kept abreast of those happenings as well as getting our romance fix from Tegan & Kyra. Tegan was a stand out character in book one so I was glad to get his book, he is all brooding & masculine – perfect for a shifter – and I enjoyed that book 2 was about the shifter side, plus we get some of his history which helps to know him more. I liked the connection between Tegan & Kyra, they had a battle of wills going on and they clashed a lot which is always fun and usually leads to some hot smexyness – which it did! Kyra has a couple of secrets up her sleeve which make her an unusual match for Tegan but that seems to be happening for our enforcers – unusual couplings – and has me thinking if that will all be leading somewhere? There was no end of attacks & fights, some had me fearing for our MC’s as they land themselves in deadly situations, time & time again and that really amps up the danger element. I also like the way the world has opened up to include ‘Mer folk’ and they too have opposing sides which gives me high hopes for further books. As for this book though, it was exciting, dangerous & action packed but also filled with romance & hope centred around an unusual couple who found love in the worst of circumstances and have to fight to keep it and just as Tegan faces danger away from home, so too does our Enforcers as they see their own danger, action & heartache giving us a great read that will send you on a rollercoaster of emotions and following this, I NEED Zeke’s book!. 

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