A review for Falling Into Place (Others of Edenton: Book 3) by Brandy L. Rivers

Falling Into Place - Brandy L. Rivers

Falling into Place is the third instalment in the fabulous ‘Other of Edenton’ series and I loved it!

The storyline takes place over a few decades and part one was heart breaking- we join Tremaine as he rescues Liz from a horrific situation, she’s only 12 but has been through so much and decides that rather than raising her himself, that he will take her to his friend Wilhelm to be raised with his family. Liz has never known a family and dearly wants to be loved but can’t trust easily so it’s a tentative meeting when she arrives at her new home. Wilhelm’s children – Robert, James & Emily (the twins) – all have different reactions to her arrival but for Robert, its love at first sight and he decides he will do anything to protect this girl and as time goes by, Robert becomes one of the only people Liz can trust, but not all of the way, never all of the way. They fall in love and become an item but there’s always something that stops Liz giving her all and in the end – everything she had to give him, is ripped away by evil, forcing her to flee from the love of her life….

We meet Liz again in part 2 and its 21 years later, having faked her death and living with Tremaine (her protector, her friend) just trying to live her life, it’s a bad time for her and its made worse when the evil that ripped her world apart reawakens and sends Robert to her door. He always knew she was alive but didn’t contact her, giving her what she wanted… but it ends now! Because now, he knows the truth and will not let her go again. The thing is… Tremaine’s feelings have changed towards Liz over the years and vice versa and it takes the reappearance of Robert to wake everyone up…. And not one of them is leaving, alone they are missing a piece of themselves but together they are whole…. And this time they will fight!

I really loved this storyline, as I said the beginning is heart breaking and it really helps you connect with Liz and just when you think she might get some happiness, she doesn’t and it’s so sickening because all she wants is to be loved but honestly has no expectations of anyone. She doesn’t let people in easily but having Robert and Tremaine as instant allies who don’t want to use her for anything is extremely important to her and the making of the bond between them all. I loved how she came through all of her troubles and loved the relationship she developed with Robert which made it really emotional when they were dragged apart which left lasting scars for all involved. The threat to Liz was very sinister and underhanded and even when reading and having everyone’s viewpoint – I could not have predicted what happened – it was awful, life changing and soul shattering and it’s no wonder Liz behaved the way she did. I think that brought yet another side to the woman that had blossomed from the 12yr old girl we first met, she had been through enough then without being put through the things she did years later. It was amazing to see her get back on with her life the second time around with Tremaine and the building blocks for them seeing each other in a different light. When the threat re emerges you get that sense of urgency, we know the stakes and we know how it broke her so again… you connect to her now as well as before.

The relationship is a big part of the book and as the title suggests, the pieces need putting back into place, Liz’s life needs putting back together and who better to help her than the only two people she ever trusted –Robert and Tremaine. I’m not gonna lie, this is my first time reading of a ménage situation so I was a bit dubious going in but upon finishing my thoughts are – Damn that was hot! – and it so was, seriously – who knew? *fans oneself* I thought it was done very tastefully and I too, wouldn’t have been able to make up my mind between Robert & Tremaine – Liz is one lucky lady to have those two willing to share her heart & bed. They all made up a good, loving union and the chemistry between them all was palpable and yeah, I’ll admit it; it turned me on and added yet another side to this emotional journey. I loved this book and I think it is my favourite of the series, it took me on a journey of decades where I could really become invested in the characters and their lives, it was emotional & sad filled with abuse, secrets, betrayals, abandonment and life threatening situations where a broken person can be made whole again with love, loyalty and unwavering support.  5*s

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/925649063