A review for Kiera's Quest: Choices. #4 by Kristy Brown

Kiera's Quest: Choices - Kristy Brown

Choices is the final book in the Kiera’s quest series and what a finale it was!

Following the ending of book 3 we find that a lot of time has passed and our characters are split into three groups; Zakk, Alex & Daz are in Zakk’s kingdom with the Witch Queen as prisoner; Uncle Tom, Maddy, Joe and the gang are all back on Earth and Kiera is missing, presumed dead. Kiera’s disappearance weighs heavily on the two groups with Uncle Tom sliding into a long depression, giving up hope of her ever returning even though he knows the vortex won’t open until the next leap year and taking on the guilt of her feeling betrayed and leaving in the first place. In Zakk’s group, he knows in himself that Kiera crossed back over and has been searching for two years to no avail, Alex feels it’s time for him to give up but he refuses, he refuses to believe that she is gone and lets himself go, only surviving to search for her and put his kingdom back together again. Meanwhile, Kiera is being looked after by a new race and having spent a lot of time in a deep sleep has awakened with no memories of who or where she is.

As more time passes, they each realise that something needs to happen; on Earth, Maddy decides to be pro active and gets the gang together and into training for what the nest opening will bring. Zakk is aware that the Witch Queen wasn’t in their dungeons and is amassing an army that is spreading darkness throughout the realm, it is only a matter of time before she comes back and the battle will begin. When his ring starts to glow, it can mean only one thing – Kiera – and in a last ditch attempt, sends his best to find her, using the ring as a tracker – finally the puzzle pieces connect, the players are placed…. Let battle commence!

This was a great book and I read it all in one go. These books have been so easy to read and very enjoyable with an awesome set of characters and an imaginative fantasy realm. It has been great to watch all of the characters grow into what they become – Kiera especially as she blossomed into a powerful young woman whose love for her family, friends and her home life have spurred her to vanquish the evil Witch Queen. We have seen her bombarded with threats & deadly situations, where she has found out some shocking secrets, mastered new found powers, found love and owned her ‘chosen one’ status right to the very end.

I thought this storyline was a cut above the others, you could really feel the end game coming and it amped up the tension throughout as we wait for the final battle. I enjoyed the characters being split up, it gave us a chance to see others shine and what they would do to ensure Kiera was safe. It also helped us to see what was going on from all sides and I appreciated the different points of views throughout. Even though it was the last book, we are still being introduced to new species and I liked how they all came together and what they brought to the story. I have to say that it all came together perfectly in an amazing showdown and an ending that was so fitting. I loved all of the end battle, it was just brilliant and as I said – perfectly fitting. The series had it all - action, danger, revenge, betrayal, fighting, battles, enemies, friends, loyalty and unity all wrapped up in a love for family, friends and home, I will be sad to say goodbye to this lot but satisfied at this great ending

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/930384255