A review for My Soul For You by Morgana Phoenix

My Soul For You - Morgana Phoenix, Airicka Phoenix

My Soul for You is a rather different read than what I’m used to by this author but still awesome none the less!
I thought the premise for the story was really good – a mysterious ball, with a draw for whatever your heart’s desire – who wouldn’t desire something? Only Kaitlin desired the forbidden, she desired Kaleb – but Kaleb was untouchable….. or was he? We follow Kaitlyn through her relationship with Kaleb, from the first meeting to the ball, from obtaining her heart’s desire to the photos, from the photos to the fear, to the paranoia, to the desperation to find out what they want, why are they doing this? What did she do to them? What is at stake? And just what is she prepared to pay for her heart’s desire? All the while falling head over heels for someone she shouldn’t have, trying to maintain a secret relationship, stolen moments, discovery of her sexuality, exploring love & feelings – all the things a girl her age should be doing – just not with Kaleb. Kaleb knows he shouldn’t want Katie – but that doesn’t stop him from giving her what she wants, what he wants… but is he giving her all of him? When their stalker ups the stakes and makes it clear that this is because of Kaleb – what will they do? Will they split up to be safe? Will Kaleb reveal some deep dark secret? Or will their love conquer all? Can love conquer death? Because that’s what Katie is facing if they can’t solve this puzzle.
I have to say I’m a paranormal lover through and through but I would probably read anything by this author because she never fails to impress and I had no worries about reading outside of my comfort zone here. The story is unique to me, the way it came about was so intriguing and even though you know that something will come from winning her heart’s desire, you want Katie to have it, you want her to have Kaleb – regardless of the consequences. I loved the relationship that developed between our two main characters, from the first meeting to the very end when everything is out in the open – I love forbidden love, the secrecy & stolen moments add a tension in themselves – you want those moments, but you don’t want them to get caught – always the double edged sword. As we get to know both characters we get invested in them, I loved Katie’s character and her mind-set, she was funny but focussed, a little serious for her age but with her background it wasn’t surprising. I adored how Kaleb was with her, the protector he became, how he opened up her sexuality, how he loved her.. and it brought out the best in her. Much of the story is about the relationship, connecting with the characters, believing in what they had and that it was so precious that what was being done to them was abhorrent. The stalking, the photos, the threats were all very sinister and created another kind of tension to the book, an anxiousness that there would always be someone around the corner, waiting, watching, taking photos – very creepy – and everyone you meet becomes a suspect, even their loved ones & it will keep you guessing right up until the very end. This was a VERY good read, I read it in one go & I couldn’t put it down – another hit for me from Airicka Phoenix writing as Morgana Phoenix 5*s

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/928168688?book_show_action=false