A review for Blue Moon (Holloway Pack #2) by J.A. Belfield

Blue Moon - J.A. Belfield Gotta say, I lurved this sequel to Darkness & Light and the latest threat to the Holloway Pack. I can’t really add to the synopsis so straight on to my thoughts…. What I liked about Blue Moon was the shift of the focus from Jem to the pack as the potential victim(s), we tend to automatically assume that Jem will always be the target -with the werewolf community being predominantly male and Jem being the only female- but this shows us never to presume you know anything. It was easy to assume that Jem was being jealous and territorial, it did come across that way, none of her pack believed her in the beginning and because Josh was the focus of the female’s attentions it was again assumed that she was jealous. I really felt for her then, it was really sad that no one would take her intuition for what it was and even though she couldn’t understand it much herself, she still knew enough to be cautious and they totally dismissed that – had it been me, I would have felt let down by those I trusted most in the world. I was glad that it was Sean that got on board quickly with her feelings of mistrust but again, it took their shared history for him to do that not his belief in Jem which took away some of his ‘sweetie’ points. I also hated the deterioration of her relationship with Josh, it was sad and really showed the bond they had shared and how powerful it was but also gave the sense of what was at stake and how easy things could go wrong. I enjoyed the storyline A LOT - the threat to the pack brought something very different to the series and introduced us to a different kind of magic and the fact that the enemy is female shouldn’t make you expect any less deviousness, in fact I think you should expect more because men seem more direct in their threats. It’s quite hard to talk about the storyline without giving things away and it’s too good to spoil but let’s just say…. You will never guess the motive… it was so good and so unexpected. I have to say that the females in this book were the main attraction and because of that, it felt different too, like as if a different game was being played than what you are used to, with different rules and the result can’t be predicted and it all led up to a kick ass, girl power showdown that was awesome!. Even though the situation ends up dire, there are still a few laughs to be had, Jem being the centre of one which was fun but could have been disastrous and Jem’s mouth does bring some awesome back chat – all joking aside though, Jem impressed me again with her strength, her stubbornness, her faith, her loyalty and her protectiveness of her pack and she really is an Alpha in the making. We get a few surprises thrown into the story with a new arrival and we eventually meet Jess (Jem’s sister) the witch who is awesome and hoping we get something more from her…. Maybe she caught the eye of a certain someone ;) I think the consequences of what happens in this will be felt for a while and there is one big lose end that needs putting right, so I’m off to read Resonance.
Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/923635219