A review for Darkness & Light (A Holloway Pack Story, #1) by J.A. Belfield

Darkness & Light (A Holloway Pack Story, #1) - J.A. Belfield

Darkness & Light introduces us to the Holloway Pack and as the series title suggests….we’ve got us some werewolves. In the beginning, we met Jem – a 30something housewife to Peter – and to me she is definitely a ‘stepford wife’ - dinner done on time, nice little housework routine going on, lets her husband choose her clothes…. Basically happy to do her husbands’ bidding – boring! But when she starts having dreams involving werewolves, runs through the forest & feeling the change from human to animal…. Things start to become interesting, particularly when the name ‘Sean’ keeps being uttered by her dream self and starts affecting her waking life too. So, at her sisters urging, she starts a dream journal to try and work this puzzle out. She doesn’t however bank on the appearance of said man because when Sean enters her life claiming to know her, know everything about her and the fact that she is his….. her world is about to change, in more ways than one as destiny takes it upon herself to bring the lovebirds back together for one more go.

Darkness & Light has been on my ‘to read’ list for what seems like forever (ok, it’s a year) but I never got around to reading it until I won a copy at the release party for book 4 and decided I would make time for it – and I’m so glad I did because I loved everything about it! I’ve been having problems connecting to characters lately and I find werewolves are good for that certain type of ‘loving feeling’ and loyalty so it will come as no surprise that I connected to Jem and Sean straight away. I think it was very easy with Jem, he situation isn’t good, she was basically a zombie and whilst that was all that was offered, it was normal, she was happy in her stability and her ‘stepford wife’ persona and probably would have stayed that way until her dreams invaded her live and showed her something new, a different life, a vibrant life – which unfortunately needed a catalyst for change and showed us just how vulnerable Jem was. It’s through that however, that the real Jem begins to emerge, building herself up, becoming more assertive, accepting of her true self and being who she was meant to be all along and it just so happens that Sean is there to help the process, not in a co-dependent way but in a partnership way. It has to be said that Sean is a sweetie, I loved him and he had all of my favourite attributes of my favourite wolfmen – loyalty, alpha personality, growly (but not too much), stubborn, physically hot & capable of defending his pack and the main one … the ability to love & adore his woman above all else – you can swoon now ;) I really enjoyed the initial meetings of them both, he was so enamoured and knew way more about her than she did about him but that was fun too, he was so easy going aswell and it broke my heart a little to see him devastated about her being married… so not hard to feel for these two at all and when you become invested in the characters, the storyline is just a plus.

As for the storyline, well it was really good, so easy to read and the story just flowed. Obviously it’s about the pack, meeting all of them, finding out about how they live and getting a little of all of their personalities –I would say that Ethan, Nathan & Josh have definitely made an impact & piqued my interest. Then we have Jem and Sean’s relationship to get to grips with, it goes beyond boy meets girl and I love these type of connections, I’m a sucker for soul mates plus as I mentioned earlier…werewolves have the loyalty, mates for life thing going on which always adds to my enjoyment. I liked the way they came together in this, the anticipation was great, keeping you on your toes for when they would meet and when they did waiting & wondering what fate has in store for them, I also enjoyed their shared history and the way it was shown throughout the book – hopefully we will get more from this too. I liked the threats that brought danger to the story, a rival pack and a vengeful ex are very fitting to the story and I loved the fact that they underestimated Jem which you will discover, is a big mistake! I’m already eager for book 2, I don’t think things are totally closed on the ex husband so maybe he will reappear, I would also love to meet Jess (Jem’s sister) but what I’m really hoping for is getting to know the pack a little more because the Holloway Pack have made an impact in a huge way! 

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