A Review for Incubus (Daughters of Lilith #2) by Jennifer Quintenz

Incubus - Jennifer Quintenz

Incubus is the exciting sequel to Thrall (Duaghters of Lillith #1) and carried on just where we left off.
Following the events of Thrall, Braedyn is given a glimmer of hope by an angel, if she can keep herself from doing wrong, there is a chance she can be made human. This is great news for Braedyn and also for her loved ones, giving hope that she can be with Lucas properly, never guarding her love for him, being able to kiss him, have a normal life with him but at the minute Braedyn knows she is needed in her Lilitu form to give the Guard the upper hand in the war that’s brewing. During a field trip in which Braedyn and Lucas are attacked by a Thrall, they uncover some symbols similar to that which adorns the guards weaponry and when they take this news to the Guards, realise it is a huge discovery but as they look into it they discover that there is more to it than meets the eye and a could infact end the war before it starts - giving hope to all involved and none more so than Braedyn because if there is no war, then there is no need for her to stay a Lilitu…. They do discover that the Thrall that attacked them was female and as such could only come from one source…. The rare and elusive Incubus, so when the threats become more apparent, Braedyn is faced with a tough choice which might just lose her everyone she loves.
I really enjoyed this book and think it was better than the first now we know what’s happening and about the world of Lilitu. It followed the same vein as book one in respect of the training aspect, we see Braedyn and Lucas train more as they painstakingly prepare for what they know will come to pass. We can see both improve and we see the inner warrior desperate for some escape as Braedyns powers start to manifest. Even though the romance aspect can’t be too full on because of what could happen if Braedyn loses control, there are still some super charged moments between our lovebirds to get the heart racing and they will always have their dreams. I thought that even though Braedyn had made the decision to stay in her current form that when she got that glimpse of hope, she got carried away and became desperate, forsaking what her rational self would have done and risking a lot on a possibility, they do say that the path of evil is paved with good intentions and Braedyn should really heed that…. it remains to be seen what damage she will do to those relationships she has. I liked the introduction of the Incubus, in book one it was all about the Lilitu who are a form of Succubae so it’s a perfectly natural progression to be dealing with the opposite too and even though they are rare, that doesn’t mean that they don’t exist. I thought it brought something a bit different to the story and I liked why it was introduced. I thought that the threat was more underhanded this time, quite subtle but sneaky and I liked how misdirection was used. The Guards seem to be banding together because something big is brewing but they can be frustrating in the way they view Braedyn & Lucas and how much information they are allowed which in turn, allows them to make huge mistakes. I won’t say that the story kept me guessing until the end, I knew who it was pretty early on but that did not spoil my enjoyment of the book at all, in fact…. It added to the tension because I could see it coming, I knew what was going to happen and I loved it all. As I said, it was very exciting and filled with secrets, misdirection, hope, faith and a little bit of divine intervention which made for a great read and I will be definitely reading more!. 

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