A review for Soul Resurrected (Sons of Wrath #2) by Keri Lake

Soul Resurrected  - Keri Lake

I loved this book and thought it was a great addition to the Sons of Wrath series

This time around we have Logan and Calla as our main couple, the book had already been set up at the end of Soul Avenged when Calla - being of pure blood – was the only person who could save Logan from death after he saved her from being raped but had been stabbed with demortis in return - one of the only things that can kill a demon. We knew that something was happening between them, especially with Calla’s reaction to Logan’s predicament but did we think that Logan would go for it? Hells no! So we’re left with pure, virginal Calla pining after the cold and emotionless Logan…. But don’t think of Calla as a victim, she’s a fighter…. But will she fight for Logan when it seems like a losing battle? I love the combination of this pairing and I’m a sucker for tortured heroes who think themselves unworthy of anything clean and pure so how perfect is Calla to challenge Logan’s demons? Pretty much so because I love what she brought out in him, how he pushed her away in the beginning, trying to fight the way he was feeling toward her, not even totally understanding his feelings but absolutely sure they aren’t what they were, then when he thinks he just needs her intimately, thinking himself a bastard for doing so – right up until he would risk everything for her… he had built his barrier, guarded the heart he refused to believe he had ….and timid, shy Calla knocked it down at every chance she got, by just being her. I was totally sucked in!

The storyline was a perfect progression and I love the new threat brought into the mix, these books aren’t fluffy romance books book, they are gritty, raw, violent, sadistic and at times grotesque…… but flipping awesome! Plus when you add a bunch of seriously hot but f’d up men….. let’s just say the temperature will soar. You can feel the danger & tension which adds to the appeal because with warriors like ‘the Sons of Wrath’, your enemies are going to be formidable and believe me….they are. The whole gang will take some knocks in this, one moreso than the others but don’t even think that it will be easy for any of them, and you can really appreciate and anticipate the consequences that will follow this book. I will say that even though the romance aspect is a battle of wills between two people who consider themselves unworthy, it is the only sweetness that you will find in this story but is the most beautiful, heartwarming sweetness you could wish for and I got the feeling that all of the brothers felt this one. I said there will be consequences for book three, which is true for more than one person because there are not only new creatures to deal with but new enemies from unexpected places, a little more knowledge on the ‘human/alexi’ situation and still one enemy yet to re emerge as the brothers await their fates…. I can’t wait!