A review for Shattered Secrets (Book of Red #1) by Krystal Wade

Shattered Secrets (Book of Red #1) - Krystal Wade

Shattered Secrets was a very intriguing start to the Book of Red series….

I thought the storyline was good, I liked the way Abigail’s world is changed through the kiss of the boy who holds her heart – Derick – and how it acts as a catalyst that unveils powers, secrets and a different world. For the most part the book is set in the real world with a supernatural tone to it – which I like – but then towards the ending, it takes on a more fantasy feel and I liked the blending of both. I thought the idea behind what Abigail is, is quite interesting and a lot of the book is devoted to that as we find out her heritage alongside her, so expect a lot of ‘getting to know you and your new found abilities’… the same goes for Derick too because a lot has been kept from both youngsters. I liked their romantic connection and I thought it ties into the story wonderfully, who doesn’t enjoy reading about love bringing out the best in people? and it brings out a lot in Abigail & Derick – so much so that their world will never be the same again. I liked the sense of danger that followed them throughout the book and it was easy to see how they found it hard to get on track, you really are as much in the dark as them and right with them when they don’t know who to trust. I liked that the enemy they had sent them running, setting up a run/chase scenario, it always adds an element of fear & danger to a plot when you feel that something is always behind you and that you’re not safe anywhere. I did think the characters were quite gullible but that’s understandable considering how little they know about their situation and there are always people hanging around to take advantage of that. I liked the magical element of this book even though it is still in its early stages, we are only beginning to see burgeoning powers of our two MCs but others that held it, used it well and gave us an insight into what to expect. As with most good books, good and evil are lines that are easily crossed or blurred so I feel that we have only just touched on the plans for Abigail and what people want from her. As the book title suggest, there are a lot of secrets… but how do our characters know which answers they can trust? Although this book was good, I think it opened up more questions than anything else, I was happy with what I read but as with all first books – we’ve gotten to know the characters, delved into their world, the players are placed – now we’ll see what happens next. 3*s