A review for Touching Fire (Touch #2) by Airicka Phoenix

Touching Fire (Touch Saga) - Airicka Phoenix

I just want to start straight off by saying that this book is EPIC!
I loved book one and the wait has been loooong but believe me, this more than makes up for that wait and really opens up the world attached to the story in a big way and answers are freely given but that raises more questions & that only adds to the allure. Following the ending of book one, Fallon and Isaiah are on the run, living as prey trying to stay one step ahead of the predators and something has to give, they cannot go on like this, not being able to stay in the same place for long, not being able to rest…. So they have only one option really and that is to contact Fallon’s father Ashton who takes them home. Fallon is about to learn a lot about herself and her heritage but is no nearer finding out how to control her powers or her need for Isaiah. When a prophecy is revealed centring on Fallon it seems she is in the right place, protected and cared for, possibly to master her powers after uncovering some of what she may be capable of but fate has other plans… if she is to stay safe in the arms of a family, she must let go of Isaiah – which is inconceivable – and choose between her new found heritage and her humanity. Meanwhile, Garrision will stop at nothing to get his hands on Fallon and when she emerges from their seclusion, she will be hit with the severity of what people will do for power. All she wants is to protect those she loves but everyone she meets wants to use her for something…. How long can she withstand the allure of Isaiah before they turn into the ultimate weapon? Can they find a way to stop it? Just who can they trust?
It’s safe to say that I loved this book, I thought the continuation from book one was great and it was easy to jump straight back into Fallon & Isaiah’s world. The sense of urgency & fear radiated from their circumstances, the run and chase scenario that dominated book one carried over into the sequel but I knew it had to go in a new direction and that was where Ashton came in, it was the only way the plot could go really and whilst the meeting of Fallon and her father was inevitable, the way the world opened up through this was unexpected and awesome! Taking the book from a paranormal read into the fantasy realm which is vastly different from the world Fallon is used to. It brought about all sorts of new things, new people, new creatures, new surroundings, new magic, new possibilities, a new way of life…. But also new expectations and some of those won’t fit in with Fallon’s ideals and whilst we got a great deal of answers…it also brought up more questions. I thought the reveals we did get about her heritage were just great, so unique and I can’t recall reading anything of the likes, so that’s always an exciting thing for a bookworm…. I was just so amazed by it all and really engrossed with the story, did I trust everyone? No, but that is always there in books like this because things are never what they seem. I also loved that whilst Fallon was gone that Garrison had upped the ante and pressed forward with a different kind of plan which also gave him a more sinister, megalomaniac type of vibe and I was shocked at what lengths he will go to.
The whole situation with Fallon & Isaiah grows slightly more urgent too as the pull between them strengthens and I don’t think anyone really ‘gets’ what’s going on between them, I feel we won’t really get any answers to this until the final book but it’s always there, ever present on your mind as you see them get closer and more intimate, I have tons of questions about them but also the patience to wait.. I also expected some more from Amelie but that was on hold too…. Not grumbling though because there is plenty going on in this to make up for any questions not answered. The ending unfortunately is a cliffhanger… yeah, not a fan but it certainly does what cliffhangers are meant to do – it leaves you desperate for more! Which I most definitely am. 

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