A Review for Black Abaddon (The Vulcan Legacies #2) by Sasha Hibbs

Black Abaddon: 2 (Vulcan Legacies) - Sasha Hibbs

In Black Abaddon we see Ally quite broken, everyone is dealing with the aftermath of book one in which her soul mate Michael was killed but Ally is struggling because she is now the Angel of Death and failed her test, therefore she failed everyone including Michael. The Devourer is still on the loose and everyone must come together to save the world from the evil that is coming. When Mariah, the Princess of the Nosferatu turns up looking for her brother Marik & long lost brother Michael, a surprising alliance is on the horizon and it looks like Ally will have to unite everyone for the battle to come. It soon becomes clear that whilst everyone is scrambling to build alliances, the Devourer is also building an army and some of our favourites are in for a shock when we find out who he has sided with… be prepared for anything as nothing and no one is safe!
As I mentioned above, Ally is a sad figure in this, she seems to have lost hope as she struggles with guilt, grief and the knowledge that everyone around her is at risk. Her powers are evolving and seemingly bestowed from up high but she’s struggling and finding it hard to deal with things. Her feelings are put to the test again but I’m hoping the gutsy, determined fighter will be back soon, we get a glimpse toward the ending but we need more!
This book was very sombre and had a very sad feel because of the ending of book one. The threat is still very palpable & urgent but the beginning very much focussed on the aftermath of book one, it was still filled with a lot of information and all of the characters dealing with their own feelings about what happened though. Things begin to look up as the start of some alliances are forged and the group is pulled together by mystical forces but don’t expect things to get any better, get the tissues ready because there  will be tears and heartbreak which is going to change a LOT of lives. I mentioned in my review of book one that the secondary characters are just as important and their stories are just as interesting, this doesn’t change here because not only is Ally going through turmoil but everyone else is too and there is no let-up in the pain & sacrifice department because everyone will lose something in this but that just makes you route for them all the more, I want them to succeed, I want them to band together, I want them all to find their soul mate and I need them all to get a HEA. Further into the book Ally seems to take charge of herself, making a few realisations and coming to some conclusions which leads the story to take on a run and chase feel as Ally starts to flee from her troubles and it seems like the devourer will never stop hunting her which definitely adds to the excitement of the book and leads to an absolutely amazing ending that really has the wow factor and leaves me desperate for book 3… just brilliant!

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