A Review for Sex and the Single Vamp by Robin Covington

Sex and the Single Vamp - Robin Covington

Sex and the Single Vamp is book candy to me, definitely my kind of book as it hits just about everything I like in a story.
We have an alpha male vampire – Deacon – who runs a security firm and has been a cop aswell as working for the government during the wars…. We meet up with him in current times when Felicity ‘CiCi’ Trent -owner of a dating agency for supernatural and human connections - turns to him for help because someone is killing her clients, putting her in the frame for it. It takes a lot for her to turn to Deacon because he broke her heart 239yrs ago but he is the best and that’s exactly what she needs. Deacon on the other hand accepts CiCi’s case – even though she betrayed him and chose another man – on the understanding that while he investigates and until the case is settled…..she doesn’t pay him money, she will pay with her body and they will both finally get a chance to put their demons to rest and move on…. But when the unthinkable happens, they are both forced to look through each others eyes and challenge everything they once believed.
This was a really good story and I was sucked straight into it. I love when we get a couple who have history together that didn’t end well and reunite later to find out that everything was not as it seemed. I loved the history between these two, even though they had met throughout centuries, they had never managed to air their issues, therefore never being able to move on and both holding on to the flame of their love. Whilst Cici became an advocate for true love and believed in soul mates, Deacon did not and was very vocal about. Cici was blatant in the media about her beliefs and Deacon counteracted that by vocalising his opinions leading them to have a sort of love/hate thing going on…. Personally, I love this type of relationship, I like to see them work through their drama and begin to open up, so I was not disappointed here. I really liked their chemistry, you could feel it, they had some really hot moments that added just the right amount of spice to the book. I liked the storyline, you can see that this has the potential to become a series because we are introduced to not only vampires, fey, weres & witches but also a threat in the form of a hate group that has been around as long as there has been supernaturals and with the events that happen in this book, it reintroduces that group into the world again. I did like the threat, its history is touched upon in this relating to our two main characters but you know there are more out there and there will be a lot more people that have been affected by them in the past, so they do hold a promise to cause more trouble even if it did feel like an introduction to them in this. I always like a good whodunit and it will keep you waiting right up until the last couple of chapters to find the culprit but I think the focus of this book for me was the relationship, I loved it, I loved the bickering, I loved the secrets, I loved the smexy times and I loved how this brought out not only Deacon’s protective side but his belief in love and his realisation that Cici was his everything and gave me a good old HEA fix that I adore – it was simply a great read!

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