A Review for Stealing Justice (Justice Team, #1) by Misty Evans & Adrienne Giordano

Stealing Justice (Justice Team, #1) - Misty Evans, Adrienne Giordano

This is another excellent novel by Misty Evans, this time collaborating with Adrienne Giordano and bringing us a great murder mystery in the political world…
The synopsis is spot on in its description as we meet Justice ‘Grey’ Greystone who is not above bending the law to snare the bad guy and Sydney Banfield who will always put the safety of a woman in need over laws any day. Both are great characters and both admirable in their own way. I like a renegade cop/FBI agent and Grey definitely fits that category and when he sets his sights on Sydney as the perfect undercover operative for a covert investigation, he’s about to meet his match. I loved Sydney’s character, in fact everything about her, what she did for a living, how she did it, her attitude to life, even her secrets… she had many layers that she used to shield herself emotionally and I really liked that Grey had her figured out and was a match for her in every way. I liked Grey a lot, even more so when we find out his story and they had great chemistry as a couple, they clicked together effortlessly , complementing each other and it wasn’t hard to connect with them and their troubles and they definitely brought the sizzle factor.
I really liked the storyline and I said this about Misty Evans previous book…. They read like movies/tv series, I could just imagine watching this and loving it! We have a current serial killer case that has been dogging our male lead, he lost his job because of it so what better way to start a series off? I love those type of stories…a lawman who lost everything for a case & if he can only crack the case then not only will he get his job back but his life will be complete again….you know the drill and the romance juts adds to that, especially when the woman - who has finally evoked some feeling in him - ends up being a target and in danger – I love this stuff! The investigation that ensued was fraught with tense situations where rape & murder is a high possibility and they can only trust each other and when you are thrust into that type of intense relationship it explodes into the bedroom with the same intensity & need, giving the story a massive dose of hotness. It was just great! Everything about it, right down to the pacing & love of cupcakes so, I’m already looking forward to book two and Monroe’s story. 

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