A review for Erasing: Shadows (Erasing #1) by K.D. Rose

Erasing: Shadows - K.D. Rose

Erasing: Shadows is the first book in the Erasing series…

One day whilst doing the dishes Mira notices that her three year old son starts to disappear, growing more transparent she tries to cling onto him to stop him vanishing but in the end, all that’s left …is a shoe. Distraught, she searches the home she shares with her family – husband Michael, their 3 children & Mother in law, Mrs Ross – but comes up with nothing. She knows where he has gone but how? Why? Does someone mean them harm? Who would do such a thing? So with haste Mira & Michael prepare to go back to a place they hadn’t visited for many years, a place where as children, along with their friends, they had formed the High Five Gang and possibilities were limitless…. Only what happens when you get there and you forget? You are so traumatised by events that you regress to a safer time, a safer place and it’s up to someone else to steer you home?..... it’s time to get the gang back together one last time.
I liked this story, it was something very different and something you could imagine being limitless & without boundaries in where the story could go and what you could see. Some of the world was very imaginative and I did like the idea but at times it was confusing which sometimes made me go back and re read parts where I thought I might have missed something. All of the characters were likeable but the wasn’t a lot of depth to them, I suppose I connected with our main characters most of all and they were easy to understand, the trauma of a missing child would definitely affect a person so Mira’s reaction and the point of the book was definitely believable to a certain extent and then Michaels quest to bring her back was on par for how I would expect him to react. I think the most interesting characters for me were Mrs Ross & Stu, they pulled on my curiosity and I wanted to know about them. I think the age regression thing was ok but a little weird, was I reading about adults? Children? Kids bodies holding an adults intellect? It was a mind bender because some retained knowledge whilst others didn’t. I feel that whilst this was a good introduction to the world, because of what goes on there, the rules, the age stuff, the different areas etc. that I couldn’t grasp everything and understand it all, it would definitely take further reading but I’m intrigued enough to try a sequel and if what I read into it, the character change may be a plus.
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