A review for Ondine (Ondine Quartet 0.5) by Emma Raveling

Ondine - Emma Raveling
Ondine is an excellent insight into a younger Kendra, who is now future governor of Haverleau. In this we see her as a sixteen year old, trying to stay below the radar by following her mother’s rules -
‘Trust no one. Relationships are weaknesses. Emotional attachments are dangerous. Be responsible only for yourself.’
And she has….until now.. because she is forced to step in when she sees one of her classmates being held responsible for something that is out of his control which attracts the attention of the bully – Rui- who has a lot going on beneath the surface and Kendra recognises that in him. Along with the bullied boy, Kendra decides to make a difference in this town and sort of leave a legacy for the better but will everything go according to plan?
As I mentioned, this is an excellent insight into Kendra’s younger self, I can see her emerging into the Ondine warrior we know her to be, ‘the sondaleur’. I like her strong sense of right from wrong, I like how she wants to make a difference and can see how these traits have manifested into her new role. Even though this was a short story, I liked the connection she had to Rui, it’s a shame there was never any time to delve into that further because he was like a kindred spirit and both victims of their parents visions. For all we know much about Naida Irisivie, I find myself wondering wth she was doing to her daughter, I’m surprised Kendra had any confidence left by the time Tristan took her away, she is cruel in my opinion and whilst I do know why she was that way with Kendra, it’s harsh. I really liked the story, it fit well to her character and definitely something I could see her doing plus it shows us she was just as fearless then as now and we get a very symbolic scene at the end which I thought was a great way to end this. As with each & every story we get in this series, it always leaves me wanting more!
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