A Review for Angelsong (Dark Angel #3) by Hanna Peach

Angelsong - Hanna Peach

"If he dies, I die"

As Israel lies dying after being stabbed with a demon poisoned dagger, Alyx must find a cure knowing that as his Guardian that if he dies, so will she – not that she would want to survive his death – he must live, not just for her but for the entire world. Thinking that her friend Mayrekk will have the answers, she risks contacting him only to find him in a bad way and held captive by Michael and after he tells her that the answer lies in the heavily guarded ‘Threads of Dark’, Alyx puts his rescue next on her ‘to do list’. Alyx and Jordan set about on a reconnaissance mission , determined to come up with the ultimate plan that will help them gather the items they need & rescue Mayrekk in one fail swoop but that will take them right into the centre of enemy territory where many things could go wrong and if they don’t succeed, they won’t even make it to the Archives of Urielos & to the ‘Threads of Dark’. When so many things can go wrong & the life of her beloved on the line, can Alyx make it? Can she overcome the many obstacles in her way?

I really enjoyed this instalment of the ‘Dark Angel’ series and thought it took on a more adventurous feel, especially towards the end. I thought we got to see a different Alyx in this, more open and she wasn’t restricted by something (it will make sense when you read it) and I liked this, a lot! It was great to see her interact with Jordan with this new attitude and it was a major plus for me, I loved how they were in this and I think not only Alyx’s character blossomed but also Jordan and I see him in a new light now as he lets his cold façade drop and we see a bit of the person underneath and he is definitely competition for Israel.

As I mentioned, the storyline took on more of an adventurous feel with lots of pieces needed to complete the puzzle and find the cure and they all came together brilliantly, I could just imagine them being chased through the sky, bursting out of protective shields, stealthily taking down opposition and battling with swords and daggers….they made a formidable team and totally bonded through their dangerous situations. I loved what happened when they get to Urielos and what they have to do, it mentions riddles and deadly traps in the synopsis and you had better believe it has that, like a fantasy Indiana Jones, solve the puzzles type vibe going on and it’s soo good….but it’s not all adventure, we begin to see what the enemy has in store, secrets are uncovered, unexpected problems arise but there are also some happy times, weird times & heartbreaking times for all of our characters and some are still dealing with the aftermath of the Aradale tragedy, reminding us that it’s not all about Israel but he is the hope of all and Alyx will be faced with more difficult decisions in her efforts to save him and in turn the world. I’m definitely looking forward to the next book.  

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