A Review for Realm Walker (Realm Walker #1) by Kathleen Collins

Realm Walker - Kathleen Collins

Realm walker was book candy to me, the kind I devour and enjoy immensely.
Juliana was a great character, as a Realm Walker for a paranormal policing type agency you expect her to be who she is…a strong, kick ass female who lives for her job, she trusts few people and even those that she does aren’t privy to her secrets. One being that she is or rather was the mate of a master vampire who abandoned her seven years ago, yeah they knew she had feelings for him but no one guessed the depth of those feelings that got stomped on. No one could have guessed what that event would lead to and in turn how it moulded Juliana into the person she is today. So when he turns up out of the blue, demanding reconciliation – she ain’t having it! Even if he does evoke temptation within , she must resist, she must remember what his leaving meant for her and why she can never be dependent on him again. But, when her partner is possessed by a demon, running around with another possessed, killing people & baiting her …. She is forced to work with her mate Thomas to bring an end to the carnage. The thing is, the demon is fixated on her & it all becomes too personal when it starts targeting those closest to her and when it gets it’s hooks into Thomas, Juliana has some harsh decisions to make as everyones secrets start to reveal themselves.
So, I really enjoyed this book, if I had a choice of one genre to read forever – this would be that genre. I enjoy PNR/UF so much but it has to hit the spot with a blend of action, mystery & romance, even the pacing has to be right and this was all of that with a nice dose of secrets on the side and who doesn’t love those when they unravel? As I mentioned, Juliana was a great character, even though she was kick ass, she was still flawed & Thomas had made her emotionally vulnerable when he left plus a few other things happened to harden the outer shell. I like when a character has these sort of depths, I like to empathise with a character & feel for them which I certainly did for Juliana. I liked the relationship drama between her & Thomas, it was complicated but I appreciate a man/vamp who is willing to fight for his woman, he was very alpha male and I like that but I also liked that he had to learn that Juliana wasn’t the same person he left behind and that she can defend herself which goes against everything he wants to be for her. I would say that I wished there had been more time devoted to the romance, more interaction, more sexytime… basically more of Juliana & Thomas together. The storyline was good, I liked how it all played out… it was pretty violent, gruesome in some ways but I like that in this genre. I liked how the magic & demons were used in the plot, I liked that it wasn’t just another case for ‘the Agency’ and that it became personal to our leading lady and when all the dots are connected, it made the story even better. There are a good few secrets throughout this, some small & some big but always good and the pacing was great, always on the move, holding my interest until the very end. This was definitely an impressive start to the Realm Walker series and I will be looking out for the sequel for sure.

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