A Review for Lullaby (Watersong #2) by Amanda Hocking

Lullaby  - Amanda Hocking

Lullaby was an equally enjoyable read as book 1 Wake and we pick up where we left off. Gemma has accepted her fate as a siren and has joined Penn, Lexi & Thea as they leave Capri & the murder investigation behind. Gemma doesn’t really want to go but promised the sirens so that they wouldn’t harm Harper, Daniel or her boyfriend Alex. Harper is left behind to explain Gemma’s disappearance to everyone, needless to say, her Dad is devastated and so is their Mother who barely has a grasp on her own life. So, Harper, Alex and Daniel become determined to find Gemma and bring her home….Regardless of the fact that they will be inciting the wrath of a trio of murderous sirens.
So I enjoyed this, both of the girls have been separated so the pov’s are in different areas. Gemma is struggling with her new identity, she’s been forced to be what she is and doesn’t want to become a monster by murdering people to survive, so she tries to deny the way her body feels, starving it of the sea that calls to her and resisting the need to feed. She’s still pretty much in the dark about a lot of things about being a siren but has help from the most unlikely source. Meanwhile, Harper has thrown herself into finding Gemma to bring her home so she doesn’t have to go it alone, she won’t give up & neither will Alex. I like Harper, I like that she is determined and driven, it’s sort of like a swap of traits for the girls in the second book as Harper becomes focussed whilst Gemma loses hope, I like that their connection as sisters is strong and that there is determination not to just sit and accept things. I like where Harper’s relationship with Daniel seems to be heading, she is hard work and I really liked how Daniel is approaching that, he’s is the only one who seems to see that she needs looking after too.
The storyline is a good progression albeit slow, these two books have shown that there is only about 2 reveals per book and they come pretty much at the end. Don’t get me wrong, it was still intriguing; they aren’t boring because we are getting character development in between and discoveries are made just not at the pace I like, it’s a plodder and it shouldn’t take a full book to discover that there may be hope for Gemma. I said in the last books review that you are going to have to be in this for the whole series or you will never get a conclusion and I’m definitely reiterating that. Each book has left me with more questions than answers but it has always left me curious and I think that’s what keeps me reading because they are so easy to read and the characters are very likable, so is the storyline but I just want more action, more often. I will still read the rest of the series because as I said, it really does keep you reading with curiosity , I want to know how ‘love’ is going to affect things, I want to know what’s going on with Nathalie (their mother) and how she will play into this, obviously I want more of the Sirens, do they have to be that way? Have they tried to change things? If there’s hope…. What is it? Hopefully book 3 will enlighten me. 

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