A Review for Wake (Watersong #1) by Amanda Hocking

Wake  - Amanda Hocking

Wake was a likable read and a good introduction to the ‘Watersong’ series.
I’m not going to go over the description again because I think it pretty much covers everything I would say anyway so on with my thoughts….
Wake felt like a coming of age story that was made more intriguing by a plot involving mysterious strangers, unsolved murders and first love with just a splash of paranormal. We have two main characters - sisters Gemma & Harper – and we get both POV’s throughout the book. I thought both characters were very likeable in different ways.. I liked Gemma for her carefree ways, someone who was driven & determined and not afraid to take a risk whereas Harper was more grounded and took a more responsible roll, you will find out why during the book and it is understandable when you find out why they are that way which does help the reader connect to the characters, especially Harper for me, as an older sister myself it’s easy to connect with her maternal side towards her sister. It was nice reading about how their relationship was & how they viewed each other. I really enjoyed that they both got a bit of romance, first loves for the pair of them really but whilst Gemma’s was more innocent & straight forward, Harper’s - not so much but I liked that, it totally fit with her up tight, bossy nature and I thought Daniel was perfect for her just as the boy next door – Alex – was perfect for Gemma. You can tell that the strength & basis of both relationships are going to become a major factor in the series.
The storyline was very intriguing, when you have a trio of strangers causing a stir around town & a murder investigation underway at the same time, it isn’t hard to connect the dots but it’s the discoveries made along the way that keep your attention and turning the pages waiting for the big reveal and that just grows when Gemma is brought into the situation in a big way, giving the book that paranormal element. I think the less I say about the plot, the better because a lot of it hinges on what is found out during the story but as I already stated, this is a good read, definitely a page turner and so easy to read, it was very intriguing and even though we got big reveals at the end, it does leave you wanting more.. I think you definitely have to be in this for the whole series though because there is a lot left ‘in the air’ and you are not going to get any real conclusion from this one book, it felt a lot like a taster of bigger things to come, so it will keep you reading and with that, I’m off to read the sequel Lullaby ;) 

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