A review for Rivulet by Jamie MaGee

Rivulet (Rivulet #1) - Jamie Magee

Rivulet was an absolute pleasure to read and I totally got sucked into life at Falcon Manor.

The synopsis is spot on in the description of this wonderful story as we join Indie, her sister Cadence & almost boyfriends Mason, Gavin and Wilder on their journey to enlightenment, battling the gold digging Aunt for Falcon Manor & working out all that is Indie along the way. I really liked Indie’s character and thought that even though others wanted to see her as someone crippled with grief following the death of a few close family members, she came across pretty level headed especially with how she dealt with her Aunt and the efforts she was going to, to strip Indie of her inheritance. I liked how she had been raised, how she dealt with her abnormalities, her ‘two beats’ philosophy, her need to ‘save’ people & put them on the right track & her family values. I connected with her as she went through her journey, I admired her for her outlook, her stubbornness, her need to do right, I pitied her for the hand life had dealt her but I mostly routed for her every step of the way and I loved when she found her warmth, bringing love & hope to her troubled existence.
I was captivated by the story, I literally could not put it down especially when the mystery man turned up and turned the whole plot on its head. Believe me when I say that this is not just another reincarnation book, it is so much more! It isn’t just the souls of our two lovers that need to re unite, it’s larger than that, it involves everything & everyone and I believe this book is just the tip of the iceberg. Falcon Manor - the house that Indie has grew up in – features heavily in the background of the story, helping Indie unlock some memories & mysteries, being the major asset that is fought over and I wished I could see it for real, towards the end of the book I was actually visualising it by the descriptions and I loved that! I love when I can visualise scenes in a book and I love old houses & architecture so that it featured heavily in this story was a plus. There is a lot I could say about this book, I truly want to gush about it but everything is linked and even to hint at what is happening could give away something. Just know that it’s definitely a page turner, it’s mysterious, it’s emotional, it’s filled with twists & turns and one of those soul deep love connections that I adore and that is exactly how I felt about reading it, I adored it and I do hope there will be a sequel because there is so much more I need to find out & I’m desperate to see what’s next for everyone involved.

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