{Review} Dark Deceit (Dark Series #1) by Lauren Dawes

Dark Deceit - Lauren Dawes

Dark Deceit was a great start to the ‘Dark Series’ and I really liked it.
To give a bit of the lowdown of the story, it goes like this…. Bryn was Odin’s lead Valkyrie, the first in fact and someone has hired Korvain – an assassin - to kill her thinking that by taking her out, Odin’s death will become possible and that is what the person who has hired Korvain is ultimately after. Korvain is someone who shouldn’t exist, his kind being wiped out by the Aesir gods, so he has no problem taking this request on BUT when he makes contact with Bryn, he finds himself putting the deed off as he becomes enamoured with her and is left conflicted, should he kill her? Or kiss her?
Bryn had left Odin’s side over a century ago and along with her Valkyrie sisters has made her home on earth amongst the humans. She is unaware of the threat to her life but very intrigued by the new bouncer she has hired, for some reason, she is drawn to him and he makes her feel things she has never felt before…. But can she trust him?
When someone starts picking of her Valkyrie sisters though, she is left with no choice but to trust him – not just with her life but her heart too.
So, I really enjoyed this story and I liked the author’s use of Norse mythology. A lot of the characters are recognisable from that mythology and I’m sure most of you know about Valkyrie. I liked how the Valkyrie are portrayed her and I like how they tie to Odin in a more emotional way than that which I usually read. Bryn of course, is the leader so it makes sense that the story be based around her and what better way to bring some hotness to the story than sending Korvain to her doorstep. I loved that Korvain had been sent to kill her and gets blindsided by meeting her, it created a good scenario and for a good while you’re left wondering if he will actually go through with it. They are a great match though, he has the mysterious, dangerous, alpha hotness about him and she’s a strong, beautiful woman who needs a man like that to compliment her, it’s clear from the get go that these two have chemistry and you can really route for them to become something to each other. I like how Korvain uses his abilities to spend time with Bryn, that adds to the seductive feel and really the fact that these two should be enemies amps that up as well.
The actual story that didn’t involve the romance was quite violent and brutal. Someone is killing the Valkyries and we get to be there for all of that through the murderers pov, I won’t spoil it for you but you will probably guess who the villain will be, but saying that…. Nothing is straight forward. The story is told from multiple pov and introduces us to people in Korvain’s life as well as the Valkyrie on Bryn’s side. With Korvain being an assassin, he obviously answers to someone so there will be consequences if he doesn’t go through with his task and could have devastating effects for him. The action in this was great, the pacing just as good and I’d say that this is just a peek into what potential this series has and I definitely like what I read so will be back for more.

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